Thursday, June 30, 2011

June empty's

This month I finished off quite a few products:
  1. Colossal mascara one of my favorite mascaras yet read my review on it here !
  2. Line stiletto liner in black brown, one of my favorite brown liquid liners
  3. Kirkland face wipes, great makeup remover for the face, and very inexpensive
  4. clean and clear oil sheets  this was a meeh product, for what it is, I can easly find cheaper oil obsorbing papers anywere else for less money. nothing special.
  5. Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover. great eye makeup remover but Targets UP remover is just as good and cheaper so, no need to repurchase this.
 Out of all of the things I finished I would get more of the liner, mascara and face wipes. The rest, I have  already found cheaper alternatives so I don't need to repurchase them. 

Were there any products you guys and gals finished off this month?

The Colossal Volume Express waterproof Mascara.

I love love love this mascara. I can not rave more about this mascara. It is my holy grail for big lashes. This is what I grab  every morning to give me that big eyelashes effect. another reason I love this mascara is that it holds a curl like a dream. And because this formula is on the dry side it is perfect for my stubborn straight lashes. On a side note:  mascaras fresh out of the tube are almost always on the wet side so it takes about a weeks  worth of use before the formula is at its "prime state". This is a great mascara for big lashes. It holds a curl wonderfully, Glam Black is nice and dark, and pigmented.

Review: Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue

 Hello this is a review on the Great Lash by Maybelline and firstly have to day that this mascara sucks. straight up. This formula is extremely wet and watery and so it weighs down my lashes and does absolutely nothing for me. This mascara does nothing, no length, volume or definition.
The color I have is Royal Blue and I got this mascara because I watched someone on Youtube say that a trick to whiter and brighter eyes is to use blue mascara. But even the color is barely pigmented. In the tube and on the wand it looks like a vibrant color but applied to my lashes it does not show at all.
I dislike this mascara very much.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Limited Edition: Gold Mine Sonia Kashk's brush set

Hi I'm here with a brush set review on Sonia Kashk's Limited Edition Gold Mine available at Target and is currently on Clearance for 12.00 (50%). I'm glad I was able to snatch it up for only 12, because this set is not worth full price. I say this because I already have quite a few brushes in my collection and I own better quality ones. However, if you do not have many brushes I think this is a great way to try out different types of brushes for minimal amounts of money. I think my favorite part of the whole set was the clutch lol.

It comes with one wicker design clutch and 7 brushes. The clutch is a nice addition to the set and ties in with the beachy, summer feel of the collection. It is nice and sturdy and would be great to use as a summer accessory to a night out.
The brushes are packaged in a wood like material for the handles and gold trim for the ferrule and end. They have some weight to them, not a lot, but enough to know that your holding something.
(in order of the picture) The set comes with a medium size powder brush. The bristles are nice and soft. Following is an interesting foundation/concealer brush. It is a tapered dome shape which makes it interesting. This type of base brush is good for buffing the product into the skin, however because of the size it is inconvenient for foundation but is great for concealer. Next is a fluffy dome blending brush.  In size and shape I think it looks like the MAC 224 brush. Then there is a standard eyeshadow shader brush, great for packing on the color. Then an angled eyeliner/brow brush. Next a very dense brush, which I have no idea what it is for. And then a small smugger brush.
Though this set comes with a nice selection of brushes, the brush quality is a little lacking. The brushes are not the softest and are a little on the stiff side. Its not unbearable to use nor uncomfortable but they are certainly not going to replace any of my favorite brushes, accept for the fluffy blending brush, which I really do like.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Etsy Jewelry Haul!

I recently did some shopping on and I came across these cute cuff earrings and I had to get them.  I'm in love with these pieces, especially my gold feather cuff. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lashes Galore !

Any lash Fanatics out there?If you live in my area the local 99c store in Fremont has Select lashes stocked up one of my favorite brand of lashes and I stocked up. go run and get them!

Purple eyes with Glitter

Hi everyone I'm here with a really fun and pretty purple eye with glitter. all of the eyeshadow were from my LA colors quad in Sweet pleasure plus some Stila. I find theses at my local dollar store. I actually wore for this look to work the over day (minus the glitter) and i got a lot of compliments. with the glitter it would be a great party or clubbing look
I actually did two versions of the same look by changing up the lips, so one is a funky fun night out look, and the other a more socially acceptable version.

Note: I planned on putting glitter so i didnt put on my base till after all the eye makeup was finished.

  1. Primed my lid with UD primer potion
  2. Selected the two lightest purple colors, mixed them together and applyed that to my whole moving lid.
  3. Then with a medium fluffy crease brush i selected the well loved pink and applied that above the purple. blending as a go to diffuse any harsh lines. 
  4. Lastly taking the darkest purple I took a stiff dome brush and wiggled that purple into the outer corner of my eye and in circular motions built up the color to create some definition and dept.
  5. the purple from the quad wasn't quite dark enough for me so I grabbed a purple shadow from one of my old Stila  pallet and used that to deepen the outer edge more. 
  6. To adhere the glitter to my lids I used LA Splash eyeshadow sealer/base and  glitter Iv had for a long time.
  7. eyeliner top and bottom (kohl) and waterproof mascara Maybeline Colossal.
  8. For my lips I used two MAC lipsticks the nude is FAUX and the bright neon purple is Play Time.
  9. My base is VIP Gold Collection Super + BB cream from skin 79

try as i might i couldn't get a good close up pic of the eyes so this was the best i could get out with out throwing off the color.

I hope you guys enjoy and i hope it was interesting :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

L'oreal Hip Intense eyeliner

Hello, I'm back with another review on  L'oreal Hip Intense eyeliner. These retail for about $6-8 each at any drug store but I found mine at discount stores in my local area. We these first came out I was ecstatic that there was some pigmented eyeliners at the drugstore. I love theses pencils. The pigmentation in these are great. It claims to be long lasting but not really.When drys it does have smudge proof capabilities but  after a few hours it does start to break down and transfer, and because I have a slight mono-lid in the inner portion of my eye, I can't take this liner up far and I have to stay close to my lash line to prevent any unnecessary smudging.  It's not one of the longest lasing liners but it is one of the most pigmented. these are very smooth and creamy and glide on like butter. Because it is so soft, constant sharpening is needed, and that is were you lose a lot of product, from the shavings. (if you have this problem with any manual sharpening pencil that is fairly soft in texture, you can use an angle brush to pic up the shaved up product to apply the product.)
The colors I have are(in order of swatch) 925: Blue Spark, 315: Dark Romance, 935: Green flash
  1. Blue Spark: Is an eletric blue with a metallic sheen
  2. Dark Romance: a deep plum purple with a metallic sheen
  3. Green Flash: a medium hunter green with gold-ish metallic sheen

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almay Eye Trio review and Makeup look.

This will be a review on the Almay Intense I-color eyeshadow trio palette for hazel eyes.
Now, I don't have hazel eyes but out of all the colors they had to offer this trio was the prettiness to me. This palette come with three colors. A shimmery white gold lid and highlight color, a matte charcoal grey, and a beautiful shimmery hunter green. I like that there are different textures in this trio. It isn't all one texture so the palette is more versatile. What sets this trio apart from the other drugstore "eye enhancing" trios is that Almay spent the extra time in imprinting an "a" all over the eye shadows which makes it more unique. 
These are not the most pigmented eye shadows but for a drug store these are pretty good.
Here I created a look using this palette. I went for a green smokey eye with nude lips (MAC Faux lipstick and clear gloss)

First off I used the matte grey eyeshadow for my brows and gently filled them in to make them darker.
 I then took the white gold eyeshadow and placed that on the inner half or my lid. On the outer half I placed the hunter green color, starting from my lashes to the top. to blend it all i took a fluffy brush and some of the grey and blended all the colors together. I originally had some black liquid liner on but it was really sharp and I didn't like it so I went over it with some of the grey to soften the line.
I finished off the look with some kohl eyeliner on my bottom waterline and setting it with the grey eyeshadow and some Maybelline Colossal mascara in Classic black (waterproof)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fashion Obsession! Tucked in Shirts

Lately I have been loving, tucking in my shirts into my pants! I love doing this, I have been doing this for months and I don't see  myself stopping anytime soon. I especially like to tuck in a bright plain tee into some low hip jeans with a brown belt for an effortless casual look. I also like tucking in a graphic black tee into some dark blue shorts with some combat boots, to get a rocker spring look, and with some funky jewelry.
For a more girly approach I like to throw my hair up into a big bun, striped shirt with a denim jacket with some black shorts and brown wedge heels for a chic look.

Fashion Trend: Geeky Chic! Glasses

The Hipster Big rim glasses have been around for awhile now and I have recently purchased my own pair when I saw my friend wear her's out at school. I though it was the cutest thing ever. The ones I'm wearing are just the frames because my pair came with clear lenses but I didn't like them so I just popped out the lenses. Right now Cotton On  at new park mall has these glasses on clearance for 3 bucks if any one is interested.

I find this trend to be refreshing and a throw back to the 60s. I also see it in lots of dramas, especially in Korean dramas like You're Beautiful,  where they used the glasses as props to hide from people. I think its a great way to look low profile yet still look cute and chic. I like to wear it when with a rocker chick inspired outfit. or with a bubbly skirt and a white tee, to look girly geek XP

it is also very cute with gyaru themed makeup. Big eyelashes and a cute smile.

Here my friend  Sabrina He wearing hers with a scarf

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Impressions: Fango Brillante Mud Mask.

Borghese Fango Brilliante Brightening Mud Mask for Face and Body

The mask comes in a heavy duty glass jar with snap clasp closer that securely seals the mask in the jar.
the size of the jar is pretty substantial. The jar hold 17.6 oz of product so it will last me quite a while.It has a light rose scent. I saw this at Costco about two weeks ago and I immediately grabbed it. It was $28 with an $8 coupon so it was a great deal and I could've wait to go home and try it.

First off let me say, that this is NOT a mask for people with sensitive skin. The packaging states that it is suitable for all skin types but this is strong stuff. It has a very powerful and borderline painful tingly sensation as the mask dries on the skin. It is especially tingly on areas that naturally collect sebum, such as the t-zone, and for me, the back of my cheeks. I was shocked at how strong it was but I could also feel the mask drawing out the nastyness out of my pores and when I washed it off my skin felt great,and refreshed.

I wanted this mask for its brightening  and skin-evening property, so we will have to wait and see how that goes. I will probably to an in-dept review on this mask at the end of June to see if there was any results.Over all though I really like the mask, it leaves my skin feeling clean and I can see that after one use my pores were visible smaller.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whos better?: Urban Decay's Primer Potion or L'oreal's De-Crease

Urban Decay's Primer Potion Vs L'oreal's De-Crease

I remember distinctly that UD's Primer Potions was my very first high end makeup purchase and I have been very happy with it, but the 18  dollar price ticket has always bothered me. So I searched for other alternatives and I saw  reviews on L'oreal's De'Crease and many people gave it high review so I bought one to try for myself. I read reviews that this is comparable to UD so that is what compelled me to try this product, however it didn't work for me.
To my disappointment it didn't perform to my expectations. It did nothing to prevent creasing. With in a few hours I had crease lines on my lids and my eye shadows were bunching up in my crease. I did many things to try and make it work, I patted my lids with tissue to absorb any extra oils on my lid, not putting any moisturizer on it, but nothing worked.

Both products are great at making the colors more viberant and a nice base to apply color on, but if it can't prevent creasing then it is out.

What I have noticed is that UD's primer potion is more for people who have oily lids and or people who are pretty active and the L'oreal is good for people who have dryer lids, and or whose lids don't hood over the main lid. My friend, who has dry lids says it is great and she likes it just as much as the UD so that how I got my conclusion.

What I do like about the De-Crease is the packaging. It is in a nice non complicated tube that is easy to get the product. The applicator is a slanted doe foot wand that makes it easy to get the primer out and on the lid with out re-application.

My only gripe about UD's Primer Potion is the packaging. I think the genie inspired bottle is cute and unique, but it is not convenient. And the shape of the tube also make it difficult to finish the whole bottle cleanly. They have tried to improve the packaging by making the applicator slanted so we, the consumers could get as much product as possible but there are still places the applicator can't reach and that means wasted product.

 For this round I favor the UD's Primer potion, but if your eye lids are not oily like mine I would give the L'oreal's De-Crease a try.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bronzer Bronzer Bronzer!

It is summer time! and that means out with  pale and doll like skin, and in with the golden goddess skin! To achieve that I use Victoria's Secret baked mineral bronzing powder, in Sun Goddess.
My skin tone is light/medium with yellow and brown tones to it so this bronzer helps in adding color with out making me look orange or dirty.

This Retails for about $16 at Victoria's Secret. The packaging of this product is super pretty and it screams summer to me. It is in a beautiful gradient gold color with a see through top which I appreciate.This is a decently pigmented bronzer with a good pay off. Because this bronzer is pigmented it is not mistake proof, so a light hand is needed when applying this product. The size of the bronzer is nice too. It is big enough that it wont slip out of your had and it is not awkward to hold.

This bronzer is shimmery so this is best for on the cheeks and a little bit here and there for that summer glow look. I wouldn't contour with this either because it is shimmery.

Yay to OIL! lol

YAY for Sunday :)

Today I got some Bio Oil. I got this in the hopes that it will help diminished the look of my stretch marks due to rapid weight gain :( and acne scares on my face. That is what it claims so I have high hopes. It says to used it diligently for about 3 months to see optimal results so for all of summer I will try my best to use this everyday twice a day for the entire summer! lol and hopefully I will see some results. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Favorites!

YAY! May has come and gone and its time for monthly favorites :)
  1. Milani quad in Dream Baby
  2. Maybeline Mineral Power conlealer in Sand
  3. NYX blush in Terra Cotta
  4. Maybeline Line Stiletto eyeliner in Black Brown
  5. True Match powder foundation in W4
  6. Estee Lauder double wear shadow in Antique Gold.
I hope everyone had a wonderful May month :)

Victoria's Secret: Radiant Face Trio

Victoria's Secret: Radiant Face Trio retails for $16 at any Victoria's Secret store and online. It is currently on clearance at Victoria' Secret website for 8. This is a limited edition powered.

This is a very cute three toned facial powder that can be used to highlight any part of the face. The exterior packaging is a pretty reflective gold with leopard print, which is mirrored on the product it self.
The one I have is called White Hot which is the lightest of the four shades available. This powered is marketed as an all over face powered but this is way to shimmery  for all over, you will end up with a frosty face.
This is a perfect powder for highlighting the cheek bone area, underneath the brows, cupids bow, and or any where you want something on your face to stand out.
This is a very shimmery highlighter and if I'm not careful I can get really shiny really fast.
I like to use this on days when my skin looks really dead and lifeless across my cheek bones just to bring back some radiance.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whos Better?: Milani Liquif'eye vs Urban Decay 24/7

In my search for a comparable eyeliner to the ever popular Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero  I believe I have found the answer.
The Milani Liquif'eye in 01 black. This retails for about 6-9 dollars at drugstores, and were ever Milani is sold. This is by far my favorite eyeliner. It is extremely pigmented, a true black eyeliner. It is a smooth and creamy liner that dries fast and once it is set it will not move. It doesn't move, budge or smudge through out the day. The product is perfect for tight lining the top lid and bottom waterline. For me this is the longest lasting eyeliner for the waterline. These are also great for when you want to have eyeliner on but not a harsh line and you can easily smudge it out before it dries to create a lived in eyeliner look. once its dried your locked in till you take it off. I must also mention the packaging. It is in a sleek matte black wrapping that makes it look high end.

Can Urban Decay's ever popular 24/7 liner in Zero live up to this? yes and no.

The Urban Decay liner retails for $18  at Sephora, Ulta, and were ever Urban Decay is sold. UD's eyeliner is equally just as creamy and long lasting but it is not as pigmented. Compared to Milani it still very light and grey and it takes a couple of swipes to get really opaque especially on the waterline, top and bottom. The lasting power of Zero is also not as good as Milani. It smudges faster than Milani and if I run my finger over my swatch there are smudge marks.
The left is Milani and the right is Urban Decay
Swatch completely dry with single finger swipe.

Both Eyeliners work the same and are both very good eyeliners. I however favor the Milani one over the UD 24/7 because it is cheaper and performs better in being much more opaque.