Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Hat!


Hat : H&M
faux fur sweater: Marshals
Leather Jacket: BBDakoda
Bag: Target
Boots: Ross

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CVS Sale! Haul

My first time taking advantage of this CVS sale and I must say I am not disappointed at all. I got everything for under $25. yay! Go and check it out its pretty awesome. 
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen: Instant Cuticle Remover.

As some my know I am a big nail junky and when I learned about this product from Misschievous on YouTube I went out to try it. This stuff is amazing. This is a gel liquid you apply to your cuticles and it soften them and dissolves off the dead skin and it leaves behind a perfectly manicured cuticle bed. This is completely painless and sanitary. The bottle is a squeeze bottle and the gel can be wiped way with a tissue and tossed away. Its amazing. I love this stuff. this was about $5 at the drug store and it well worth the money. Iv had this for over a year and I still have I little over half a bottle. I use this maybe once every two weeks because this strips your nail bed to the bare and I don't want to over manicure my nail beds. 
Here is the video were I learned about the product :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Herbal Essences: Leave-In Protector Conditioner

 This is a review on Herbal Essences: Leave-In Protector Conditioner this is a leave in conditioner and I love this stuff, it leave my hair silky smooth and smells amazing. It has a very fruity floral scent that stays in my hair all day. If your not a big scent person you might not like this but the scent is very pleasing and not overpowering at all. Your hair isn't going to smell like you dumped a whole bottle of perfume on it, it more like you'll catch a whiff in the wind. I use this every day after I get out of the shower. I towel dry my hair for a bit and then I apply this to the ends of my hair only and then I wrap my hair in a towel to let it absorb the extra moisture and I get ready for the day.  
This is a very light weight leave in conditioner and drys with no residue. My hair acts and feels like it has nothing in it which I love because I hate the feeling of my hair with product in it. Especially if it feels heavy and greasy. I have fine, bone straight hair and almost anything can weigh it down and make it extremely flat.  Over time I noticed that my hair is a lot softer and shiner. I payed about 5-6 dollar for this bottle that is 6 Fl big and I though what a rip off but this product very little one and a half pumps with coat all of my hair.
Overall very good stuff, if you have dry damaged hair whether from styling or dye jobs check this out I like it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Neutrogena Power-Cream Wash

This is a review on the Neutrogena Power-Cream Wash.
This is a cream base face wash that design to help with the prevention of acne and treat acne. I bought this at my local Target for 5-6 dollars on sale. Ive had this product for a while now and I have completely finished it. There is nothing left in the tube which is surprising because I never finish this kind of product. Usually I find something new and move on. I think however the reason I finished it is because I left it in my  shower and used it as my morning face wash. Overall though I didn't really like it. 
The texture of the product is very creamy and very gentle, so gentle that it doesn't clean my face adequately at night. This is a very smooth cleanser with no added texture so there is really nothing to agitate the skin. If I were to just use this to cleanse my face I would have to go in with something else to get the residue left. 
I do however love this in the morning. The cleanser is very refreshing and leaves a tingly feeling to the skin once washed away so makes for a great refresher in the morning. And also because it is such a light  and gentle cleanse I find this to be a good morning cleanser. It is non-stripping so my skin doesn't feel stripped of moister and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.  As an acne cleanser id say its okay, I didn't see any significant difference in my skin from using it, but it also didn't make it any worse.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warm and Cozy!

Cotton On Glasses
Old Navy sweater
Target Infinity scarf
Black Pants
Groove On boots
Photos: Tammy Luong