Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: The Balm Schwing black liquid eyeliner

Hi everyone! I am back and ready with new reviews,  sorry for being MIA but I should be back now and with lots of reviews for your reading pleasure! 
Today's review is on the Balms Schwing liquid eyeliner, this retails for $18, but I got mine off of Hautelook during a flash sale for $8. I am so happy that I got this eyeliner to try, if you are a liquid eyeliner lover like me, you will love this one, trust me. When I tried this for the first time I was blown away at how smooth, pigmented, and long lasting this formula is, the best thing is that this dries MATTE!. I have never experienced an eyeliner this amazing. The Schwing from the Balm is a must have. 
 Customary to the Balm this has super cute sassy packaging. The tube is skinny and slim, that is easy to store. 

 This is perfect for creating thin or thick lines and is super easy to use, this has a thin and precise felt tip pen and is very maneuverable. It easily contours to the eye making thin line and cat eyes a breeze. This dries fast and doesn't flake smudge or run. This only comes off when you want it to come off.
Overall I really like this, I always reach for this eyeliner everyday, I love the longevity and the matte finish this has. This makes my eyeliner application super easy in the morning and it only requires one stroke to get full coverage. This is a super black liner that last all day and I need to go buy backups! I highly recommend this if you love liquid eyeliners and is a must have in your arsenal of makeup.