Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bronzer Bronzer Bronzer!

It is summer time! and that means out with  pale and doll like skin, and in with the golden goddess skin! To achieve that I use Victoria's Secret baked mineral bronzing powder, in Sun Goddess.
My skin tone is light/medium with yellow and brown tones to it so this bronzer helps in adding color with out making me look orange or dirty.

This Retails for about $16 at Victoria's Secret. The packaging of this product is super pretty and it screams summer to me. It is in a beautiful gradient gold color with a see through top which I appreciate.This is a decently pigmented bronzer with a good pay off. Because this bronzer is pigmented it is not mistake proof, so a light hand is needed when applying this product. The size of the bronzer is nice too. It is big enough that it wont slip out of your had and it is not awkward to hold.

This bronzer is shimmery so this is best for on the cheeks and a little bit here and there for that summer glow look. I wouldn't contour with this either because it is shimmery.

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