Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whos better?: Urban Decay's Primer Potion or L'oreal's De-Crease

Urban Decay's Primer Potion Vs L'oreal's De-Crease

I remember distinctly that UD's Primer Potions was my very first high end makeup purchase and I have been very happy with it, but the 18  dollar price ticket has always bothered me. So I searched for other alternatives and I saw  reviews on L'oreal's De'Crease and many people gave it high review so I bought one to try for myself. I read reviews that this is comparable to UD so that is what compelled me to try this product, however it didn't work for me.
To my disappointment it didn't perform to my expectations. It did nothing to prevent creasing. With in a few hours I had crease lines on my lids and my eye shadows were bunching up in my crease. I did many things to try and make it work, I patted my lids with tissue to absorb any extra oils on my lid, not putting any moisturizer on it, but nothing worked.

Both products are great at making the colors more viberant and a nice base to apply color on, but if it can't prevent creasing then it is out.

What I have noticed is that UD's primer potion is more for people who have oily lids and or people who are pretty active and the L'oreal is good for people who have dryer lids, and or whose lids don't hood over the main lid. My friend, who has dry lids says it is great and she likes it just as much as the UD so that how I got my conclusion.

What I do like about the De-Crease is the packaging. It is in a nice non complicated tube that is easy to get the product. The applicator is a slanted doe foot wand that makes it easy to get the primer out and on the lid with out re-application.

My only gripe about UD's Primer Potion is the packaging. I think the genie inspired bottle is cute and unique, but it is not convenient. And the shape of the tube also make it difficult to finish the whole bottle cleanly. They have tried to improve the packaging by making the applicator slanted so we, the consumers could get as much product as possible but there are still places the applicator can't reach and that means wasted product.

 For this round I favor the UD's Primer potion, but if your eye lids are not oily like mine I would give the L'oreal's De-Crease a try.

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cjx3pooh said...

L'Oreal DeCrease was so, orange, dry and hard to blend for me, and it creased too... Bleh, definitely going with UDPP, I've been really wanting to try the Too Faced Shadow Insurance too