Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Hat!


Hat : H&M
faux fur sweater: Marshals
Leather Jacket: BBDakoda
Bag: Target
Boots: Ross

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CVS Sale! Haul

My first time taking advantage of this CVS sale and I must say I am not disappointed at all. I got everything for under $25. yay! Go and check it out its pretty awesome. 
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen: Instant Cuticle Remover.

As some my know I am a big nail junky and when I learned about this product from Misschievous on YouTube I went out to try it. This stuff is amazing. This is a gel liquid you apply to your cuticles and it soften them and dissolves off the dead skin and it leaves behind a perfectly manicured cuticle bed. This is completely painless and sanitary. The bottle is a squeeze bottle and the gel can be wiped way with a tissue and tossed away. Its amazing. I love this stuff. this was about $5 at the drug store and it well worth the money. Iv had this for over a year and I still have I little over half a bottle. I use this maybe once every two weeks because this strips your nail bed to the bare and I don't want to over manicure my nail beds. 
Here is the video were I learned about the product :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Herbal Essences: Leave-In Protector Conditioner

 This is a review on Herbal Essences: Leave-In Protector Conditioner this is a leave in conditioner and I love this stuff, it leave my hair silky smooth and smells amazing. It has a very fruity floral scent that stays in my hair all day. If your not a big scent person you might not like this but the scent is very pleasing and not overpowering at all. Your hair isn't going to smell like you dumped a whole bottle of perfume on it, it more like you'll catch a whiff in the wind. I use this every day after I get out of the shower. I towel dry my hair for a bit and then I apply this to the ends of my hair only and then I wrap my hair in a towel to let it absorb the extra moisture and I get ready for the day.  
This is a very light weight leave in conditioner and drys with no residue. My hair acts and feels like it has nothing in it which I love because I hate the feeling of my hair with product in it. Especially if it feels heavy and greasy. I have fine, bone straight hair and almost anything can weigh it down and make it extremely flat.  Over time I noticed that my hair is a lot softer and shiner. I payed about 5-6 dollar for this bottle that is 6 Fl big and I though what a rip off but this product very little one and a half pumps with coat all of my hair.
Overall very good stuff, if you have dry damaged hair whether from styling or dye jobs check this out I like it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Neutrogena Power-Cream Wash

This is a review on the Neutrogena Power-Cream Wash.
This is a cream base face wash that design to help with the prevention of acne and treat acne. I bought this at my local Target for 5-6 dollars on sale. Ive had this product for a while now and I have completely finished it. There is nothing left in the tube which is surprising because I never finish this kind of product. Usually I find something new and move on. I think however the reason I finished it is because I left it in my  shower and used it as my morning face wash. Overall though I didn't really like it. 
The texture of the product is very creamy and very gentle, so gentle that it doesn't clean my face adequately at night. This is a very smooth cleanser with no added texture so there is really nothing to agitate the skin. If I were to just use this to cleanse my face I would have to go in with something else to get the residue left. 
I do however love this in the morning. The cleanser is very refreshing and leaves a tingly feeling to the skin once washed away so makes for a great refresher in the morning. And also because it is such a light  and gentle cleanse I find this to be a good morning cleanser. It is non-stripping so my skin doesn't feel stripped of moister and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.  As an acne cleanser id say its okay, I didn't see any significant difference in my skin from using it, but it also didn't make it any worse.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warm and Cozy!

Cotton On Glasses
Old Navy sweater
Target Infinity scarf
Black Pants
Groove On boots
Photos: Tammy Luong

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Seche Vite Top Coat

Hi, I have a review on a nail polish today. Seche Vite is a very popular nail polish top coat for two things, it is super fast drying and leaves a very shiny finish.  I love this product. I am a big nail gal and this is my go to top coat for when I do designs on my nails and I want it dry fast. This is pretty cool, It drys my nail polish in half the time. There is virtually no wait time, for simple designs or for a basic manicure. I love that this leaves a high shine finish on my nails making them look super pretty.
There are however some things I don't like about it, it has a very strong chemical smell. At first I was hesitant to use it but I did and nothing bad happened. This product also likes to peel after a certain amount of days. I'd say about after a week, week and a half the topcoat starts to separate and you can actually peel it off. Very weird, but for me it doesn't deter me from using it, because I usually change  my nail color pretty frequently. And like all polishes that are used frequently this began to thicken over time. At first it is a nice runny texture, but over time it started to thickening in texture. Still usable just a little bit difficult.
Overall very good topcoat for fast drying and high shine. Not the longest lasting but it serves its purpose  adequately.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Class Act

Blue Shirt: Target
Cardigan: Target
Pants: Celeberty Pink
Belt: Express
Oxfords: Nordstrom Rack
Heart Studs: Vintage
Star studs, Necklace: Forever21
Watch: Express
Rings: Old
Jack bracelet: self made.
Photos: Tammy Luong

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review: MAC lipstick in Faux

Happy Thanksgiving guys, I had some down time from today's hustle and bustle and I have a review on one of my favorite lip colors ever.
Today I have a review on my very first MAC lipstick. The color I have is Faux. This is a Satin finish lip color. The color is a mauve cool tone medium pink, which transfers true to color on my lips.It is a very natural pink on my lips. This color is one of my favorite to wear every day. This one I can match with any outfit and makeup. This is a very pigmented lip color and one swipe on my lips is full coverage. 

Like all MAC lip products this has a vanilla cupcake  like scent. I doesn't bother me, but it might others. This was 14.99 at my local MAC counter. This color looks good either with or with out lip gloss on top. The color by itself has a slight sheen. The lasting power of the lipstick is okay, its not the longest lasting but it is also not one that will disappear in a couple of hours. It stays on my lips for a good amount of time and even when it fades it leave a tint like appearance so I don't really  need to reapply it.

Jamba Run!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Suit up!

Scarf: Target
Blazer: Talbot
Sweater: Banana Republic
Jeans: Marshals
Boots: Anne Klein
Watch: Express
Tammy Luong

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: Milani Blush in Pink Craze

Milani Blush in Pink Craze, this is a baby pink blush. I really like this blush, it is a light pink blush that is very pretty on the cheeks. Its a warm tone pink which makes it great for my completion. I like to apply it to the apples of my cheeks, to give me that winter rosy glow.   
This is a matte blush that is decently pigmented and a little will go a long way.  The formula isn't chalky and yet very soft and it applies very nicely to the skin. It blends very easily over my face after my powder foundation.  The packaging of the blush is nice as well, I like the clear top and gold theme packaging.  The size of the packaging is also nice. Its smalls and too the point. there is no extra packaging that is making it bulky or an awkward shape.

 Overall this is a great blush, pigmented and a gorgeous color.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: UD: Primer Potion in Eden and Greed

 Hello today I have a duo review on Urban Decay Primer potions: Eden and Greed. I bought these online for only $10 each. That is a great deal as these are normally $18 each, and UD was having a 20% entire purchase at  the time so it was a great deal. I have also reviewed UD Primer Potion in Sin and the Original UD primer potions.
 Eden: a Matte finish eye shadow primer. This is a creamy neutral tinted primer that is matte in finish. When I first tried it out it reminded me of my MAC paint pot in Soft Ocher. The color and finish is very similar. They both are similar colors and dry to a powder finish.  This is great for evening out the lid color and acts like a neutralizer for any colors on the lid.  For example, it can help cover any veins or discoloration on the eyelids and eye area. Its similar to the technique of using a white base to intensify any color placed on top of it. I feel this acts very similarly to that effect. I also like that the packaging of the bottles match the color and finish of the product.
 The applicator is slanted and is in the traditional genie bottle shape. Very cute, but impractical, the slanted doe foot applicator helps but you will never be able to have access to 100% of the product unless you cut the bottle open.  
 Side note: For this one and the original, for me the product would always accumulate on the wand and when I put back the wand into the bottle it would build up. Its very annoying but I haven't wasted any product yet.

 Overall: I like this version, its long lasting and does prolong my eye shadows and it does have that white base effect. This is a great choice for people who like to wear bright vibrant colors. The color of the primer is a nice neutral base that helps to brighten and prolong eye shadows.
 Greed: is a Gold tinted primer with gold shimmer and glitter mixed into the potion. This is  very similar to the original formula only its gold in color and has shimmer in it. the texture is like a gel consistency, and when blended the color disappears and all that is left is the gold shimmer and glitter.
 Like all primer potions the wand is slanted which helps in having more access to the product. For this Version I didn't have any problem with product build up on the wand which was very nice.

Overall: As a primer it works to prevent my shadows from creasing a lot longer, compared to if I were to not wear any primer but this one I'm not particularly too excited about. Its nothing more than a shimmery gold primer that is very pretty on the lids and can be worn alone. It would just be gold shimmers on the lid with no color.