Thursday, June 2, 2011

Victoria's Secret: Radiant Face Trio

Victoria's Secret: Radiant Face Trio retails for $16 at any Victoria's Secret store and online. It is currently on clearance at Victoria' Secret website for 8. This is a limited edition powered.

This is a very cute three toned facial powder that can be used to highlight any part of the face. The exterior packaging is a pretty reflective gold with leopard print, which is mirrored on the product it self.
The one I have is called White Hot which is the lightest of the four shades available. This powered is marketed as an all over face powered but this is way to shimmery  for all over, you will end up with a frosty face.
This is a perfect powder for highlighting the cheek bone area, underneath the brows, cupids bow, and or any where you want something on your face to stand out.
This is a very shimmery highlighter and if I'm not careful I can get really shiny really fast.
I like to use this on days when my skin looks really dead and lifeless across my cheek bones just to bring back some radiance.

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