Monday, December 2, 2013

Urban Lights

Hello pretty people!
I have found my parka jacket at last! I have been searching for this style of jacket for a long time. I was never ready to pay the hefty price tag some of these jackets go for but! Cotton On, my soon to become my favorite store had this jacket for $40 and I was like "hallelujah!!!"  finally it's in my price range. I'm so glad I found it. I have been wearing it none stop. This is hands down my most versatile jacket. I took a trip to the LACMA museum for fun and I wanted to be warm yet comfy. My graphic tee and beanie are a must and I'm really into tights and shorts again so that is a normal recurrence in my outfits nowadays. 
The museum has so many cool structures and exhibits. A great place to spend the day, plus its near the Grove and they have really good restaurants near by!
Have a great day friends:)

Jacket: Cotton On
Tee: Cotton On
Shorts: Target
Beanie: Swamp Meet
Bag: Target
Watch: Geneva
Rings: IDK