Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Wet and Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

There is one thing that I can not live without in the make up world  is my eye brows. I have been blessed with very light eyebrow hairs. They are so faint and light that they can disappear in the background. An eye brows purpose is to frame and define the face. It helps to add personality and shape to the face. Without eyebrows the face is incomplete. 

For a while I have been looking for a new eyebrow powder and I was shopping a Ride Aid and I saw the Wet and Wild stand and they had their brow kits. I read that this was a really good brow kit so I was excited to try it. and on the plus side it was only 2.99 with a buy one get one 50% off I got it for 1.99.
I like how this is packaged. Its really small and compact. It has two powders and a wax on one side and a place for a brush and tweezers on top of a mirror. The design is nicely thought out and I think works great.

This kit comes with a small brush and a small pair of tweeters. The brush that comes with this kit is awesome. I find it to be a perfect eyebrow brush, its soft and pliable, it moves when I push down but its not thin or floppy. It applies the powder very nicely. The tweezers that come in this kit are pretty decent as well. They are small but are able to grab stray hairs. These two things make this kit perfect for travel. If you some how forget to bring tweezers and a brow brush the ones provided in the kit will do a fantastic job. 

These are the colors for the Ash Brown kit. I comes with a cool tone dark brown and a neutral medium brown along with a wax to set the brows.  The reason why I really enjoy this kit is because the main color I use is the cool tone brown. I found for my eyebrows and hair color the powder color has to be cool and on the gray side. This gives me the most natural brows. The powers it self are really pigmented one tap into the powder with the brush provide is plenty to fill in my whole brow. The pigmentation in this kit is pretty phenomenal. For the price range it is almost too good. The light brown is also acts great in the front of my brows but most of the time I just dust the front of my brows with whatever is left on the brush after I finish my tail.
 As for the wax I don's really use wax or anything rather to set my brows, seeing as I have almost none so that is just extra. It does feel like a dryer wax, its not wet or sticky so it should be okay to use as a brow setter. 

Here I used the kit and I loved how my brows came out. I think this is an amazing find and something I will most defiantly repurchase this.

Happy Holidays! Next post should be Favorite Fall boots!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

 It is getting colder and wetter! yay I love the weather after the rain. The air smells so fresh and clean. Anyhoo! I have a review on this new mascara. The Cat Eyes Volume Express Colossal mascara (waterproof). I picked this up at Ulta but is available at any drugstore. The color I have is Glam Black 243.  What drew me to this mascara is the packaging.  It's so cute. They kept the classic yellow background and changed the font color to a burnt orange. But whats really cute is the animal print pattern on the handle. I thought that was adorable.  
 The wand of this mascara is curved and they call it the "claw brush"  This mascara claims instant volume with no clumps and is formulated with collagen. The design of the wand will make the lashes full and spiked a the corners. This is contact safe which is great for me.  The type of lashes I have are long and straight. They are very stubborn and require lots of curling and waterproof mascara to hold any form of curl. 
Heres a close up of the brush as you can see it is very curved. I found this brush to be okay at curling lashes or adding much volume. The shape of the brush did make it easier to apply mascara to all of my lashes.  The mascara performed as the packaging said. It made my eye lashes look spiky and full of volume yet not very dramatic, which I like. The one thing it didn't do to my lashes is give me that "cat" eye look like the picture illustrates but I really didn't really expect it to. This gave my eye lashes a very subtle effect and held my curl all day long. Overall this mascara is a good mid range mascara, It did what it claimed to do but its not anything super special. I mainly got it for the really cute packaging. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fashion: Yellow Beanie

Fall is here at last in the East Bay! Fall is my favorite time of year! The change of colors in the leaves and the crisp cold wind. I love this time, I get to layer and wear hats and scarves. Hope every one has a great day and goes out to enjoy the awesome weather. 

Beanie: Target Mens 
Teeshirt: Jason Wu for Target
Sweater: Banana Republic
Jeans: Indigo
Boots: Ross
Cross: Forever21
Bag: Target

Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Impressions: Crest 3D White Strips advance seal 2 hour express

Hi everyone! Today's post is a first impression on Crest 3D White Strips Advance Seal 2 Hour Express. I went shopping at Costco the other day and I saw these puppies on sale. I jumped at the chance to try these out and to see if they worked and would whiten my teeth with no sensitivity side effects. I got these at Costco for 39.99 with a 11.00 discount. This came with another box of Crest White strips 30 minute strips. 

 This box comes with 2 treatments. I shared the box with my boyfriend. They are packaged like any other strip in the white strip line.

Each treatment comes with both a top and bottom strip. The strips are coated in a thick whitening gel that adhere to clean dry teeth. I had no problem with these strips sticking to my teeth for the full two hours. My boyfriend had a little trouble with the bottom strip only because he has a major drooling problem! lol :) He had to push on the strip a few times to get it to stick. My mouth did salivate a lot with the strips in but the strips didn't fall off or become loose. I was careful how I swallowed and made sure to not push on the strips with my tongue. These strips are not uncomfortable to wear just inconvenient because I had to be aware of the strip in my mouth for the full two hours. None the less if you are at home doing house work or chilling its not terrible, just annoying. I was able to drink water with the strips in but no food at all. 

At the end of two hours I was ready to get the strips off! They adhered really well to my teeth and I had to have an actual grip on the strip to take if off, which is a good thing to know. Comparing the before and after photos I unfortunately don't see a major difference. At most I would say I went a shade lighter maybe two but that's it. After I took the strips off I went to test if I was sensitive and glad to say that my teeth were not sensitive even to ice cold water.
I think this treatment is best for when someone has already been doing the Crest White Strips for a while and need an extra whitening boost. I think  a person would get better results from a daily type of strips where the teeth are gradually whitened over time as apposed to all at once in two hours. The result isn't dramatic enough for me to justify getting this again. Tho it did work I will most likely get the daily whitening strips over this one.
My verdict is meh, not worth the hype.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Victoria's Secret Luminous Cheek and Face Highlighter

Hello! Hello! I have another review for you guys today! Today I'm reviewing Victoria's Secret Luminous Cheek and Face highlighter in Striking.  This is a face highlighter in a stick form! I got this at VS on sale for like 3 bucks great find and awesome product. This is an excellent cream highlighter that is nice under my powder foundation for a "within glow" or on top for a really pretty pink blush with gold shimmer. 
This product is packaged in a sleep black tube with VS in bold white print on the side. the product is despence by twisting the body. 

           This is a light peachy pink with small gold shimmers. This cream stick is very pigmented and shimmery there is 14 grams of product.

I really like this find. This is a excellent highlighter and light glowy blush. Because this is a cream product it gives a really fresh and dewy finish that makes the skin look very sweet and glowy. I really enjoy using this two ways, one under my powder foundation to make my skin look glowy and another on top as a highlight and blush combo. When I apply it that way the peachy pink color comes out and gives me a shimmery highlight and light flush of color.