Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almay Eye Trio review and Makeup look.

This will be a review on the Almay Intense I-color eyeshadow trio palette for hazel eyes.
Now, I don't have hazel eyes but out of all the colors they had to offer this trio was the prettiness to me. This palette come with three colors. A shimmery white gold lid and highlight color, a matte charcoal grey, and a beautiful shimmery hunter green. I like that there are different textures in this trio. It isn't all one texture so the palette is more versatile. What sets this trio apart from the other drugstore "eye enhancing" trios is that Almay spent the extra time in imprinting an "a" all over the eye shadows which makes it more unique. 
These are not the most pigmented eye shadows but for a drug store these are pretty good.
Here I created a look using this palette. I went for a green smokey eye with nude lips (MAC Faux lipstick and clear gloss)

First off I used the matte grey eyeshadow for my brows and gently filled them in to make them darker.
 I then took the white gold eyeshadow and placed that on the inner half or my lid. On the outer half I placed the hunter green color, starting from my lashes to the top. to blend it all i took a fluffy brush and some of the grey and blended all the colors together. I originally had some black liquid liner on but it was really sharp and I didn't like it so I went over it with some of the grey to soften the line.
I finished off the look with some kohl eyeliner on my bottom waterline and setting it with the grey eyeshadow and some Maybelline Colossal mascara in Classic black (waterproof)

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