Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Stila Lash Visor Mascara

If you know me, I have always been a lashes kind of girl. I am perfectly comfortable leaving my house with nothing but mascara on yet still feeling great.  This is a review on Stilas Lash Visor mascara product. This retails for about $24 at any Stila counter and wherever Stila is sold. I have long straight lashes that have a hard time holding a curl with a non-waterproof formula. This is why I need waterproof formulas to hold a curl. Almost all of my mascaras are in waterproof formula, and for the most part, all of them also give me super dramatic long curled lashes. But lately, I have grown a little tired of that look, so I was looking into softer mascaras and ending came across this one. 

 This mascara offers a lot of volume but not much length. This is a very natural looking mascara and it is definitely a day time appropriate mascara, though not one I would grab for dramatic lashes. It darkens the lashes and adds volume along with definition.
 The wand is a traditional fiber wand that is shaped like a Christmas tree. The bristles are tightly packed together in a spiral shape, which helps in getting a really good amont of volume, but at the same time, prevents the brush from gliding though the entire shaft of the lash. It stops midway and barely coats the tips.
The formula is very dry, which is perfect for me, since it allows me to build up the mascara. This is long lasting and waterproof.  I have not experienced any smudging with this product, which shows that it is every resistant to smudging. The holding power of this mascara is only a semi-straight curl. My lashes have a lift but not a high one. This is also great for the bottom lashes as it dries very fast. 
One thing Stila could improve on is the packaging. It is in a very cheap feeling plastic tube that has no weight to it, being a very light weight mascara tube. I personally like to feel like I'm holding something that has substance, which this lacks. And for $24 I think they can spend a little more and get better packaging.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Glitter Bonanza!

School started today >_<  and I am taking time intensive classes this semester so, I think I will only have time for very quick blog posts like hauls and what not. Nothing that requires a lot of my time but I will try and squeeze in as many reviews as I can. So I have to apologize  in advance.But I have something really cool to share with you guys. A really cool nail polish combo I am currently wearing.
This is so pretty that  I have to share it with you guys.
Here I have a nail polish combo of
  • Revlon Lilac Pastelle
  • LA Girl Crackle polish
  • And LA Girl Glitter in Euphoria
This just so pretty

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Perfume LOVE!

My favorite scent this year has most diffidently been American Eagle Bohemian. Of course there is still about 5 months until the year end but I doubt i'll find something I like more than this.  To me this smells like spring and summer, and it can transitions very nicely into fall. Is a very warm and comforting scent. It is a light fresh scent that is fairly long lasting. Even though it is a Eau De Toilette on my skin is lasts for a good 4-6 hours. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Look: Peak a Boo Liner

Hey Hey, here is my FOTD, or rather my MOTD (makeup of the day). Today Im doing a very strong purple liner :)

I used, LAsplash eyeliner in Purple Sponge
Lips: mix of NYX Narcissus and Revlon Colorstay in Cozy Coral.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Look: Golden Me

Review: Lancome L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in Exotic Orchid

Hello, this is a review on the  Lancome L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in Exotic Orchid. This retails for $29 at any Lancome store, counter and online. I did not purchase this myself it was gifted to me. This is a sweet berry mauve color that is really pretty.  This is a pretty dark color but I still feel comfortable going out in it. This has an SPF of 12 in the formula and smells like floral scented baby powder.

I find this lipstick to be a little drying, but a little lip gloss fixes that. This is pretty long lasting and only faded a little in a couple hours time.
I find this color to be a great fall color for me, and I really like it. For $29 dollars it is very steep, however i was looking on line and they have a wide variety of colors and I have my eyes on a few. But for reality sake, I would only get more for a special occasion or if I had extra money to burn.

Haul: Skin Care and Sample

 I am super exited I finally went and got Lancomes Bi-Facils eye makeup remover. However it is super pricey so I am going to try out the travel size first and then see if I want the full bottle. 

 I have been needing a new eye cream, as I finished up my Estee Lauder one
 I picked this up from Target on sale and I been wanting to try out new moisturizers with higher spfs

Here I got a sample of Lancomes Color Design pallet

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacqures

This a review on the LA Colors Art Deco Nail art Script brush polishes. As you can see I have quite a few. I love these polishes. These are a must in ones collection for any one who love to create their own nail art. I can always find these at any Dollar Tree or any "dollar" style store. So for 1, I never pay more that a dollar. These are both inexpensive and great for nail art enthusiast.
 left to right:
  • silver glitter, blue glitter, bright green. magenta, yellow, bright orange, intense pink.
Left to Right
  • black, gold glitter, red glitter, silver, baby pink, white, gold glitter
 Here you can see the shape of the brush, is it a very fine brush, perfect for detail and designs. all of the polishes are nice and liquidity so it applies very easily, HOWEVER! with continued use the formula gets very thick and unusable so staples like white and black have to be replaced regularly. So the only colors that I have back ups of are my white and blacks, I have yet to replace any of the other colors.
 Overall, a must have in any nail polish collection if you like to create your own designs.

Review: Tarte LipSurgence: Sweet

Hello beautifuls, this is a review on Tarte LipSurgence in the color Sweet, this came part of "Glow your Way to Gorgeous" 8 piece makeup set.  This color is exclusive to the collection. This retails for $24 at any location were Tarte is sold and online. Tarte  describes this lip product as a "natural lip tint"  this has jojoba oil, vitamin C, peppermint oil, and Vitamin E. This product is full of ingredients that are great for the skin. The only thing it is missing is some SPF. The product is packaged like a big crayon so it is very easy to apply because you can just draw it on, which offers a lot of control. To dispense the product you just twist the bottom up and down,
The color Sweet is a light strawberry pink color with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer is very understated so its like a sheen of shine. On my lips is works like a "my lip but better" color. Which I like. I find this to be moisturizing so sometimes I use it like a chap stick. The color is very shear so it is just a tint of color. But I do find it to be fairly long lasting. And when it does fade it is from the inner out, so I still have some color around the edges of my lips and gold shimmer.

 Overall I like it, the color is very pretty and adds a  pink tint to my lips. I like the minty taste and tingle it leaves on mu lips and the fact that Tarte puts ingredients into their products to benefit us, the consumers. When I use this my lips feel moisturized and supple. The only thing negative is that for $24 this is very pricey for one item, and for me is very hard to justify. I would only get more if I really liked the colors or if I had money to burn.

Monday, August 22, 2011

LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

 Theses little guys became my best friend on my most recent trip. The convenience factor of this product is phenomenal. There are 32 pad in each tub, these are acetone free, cruelty free, and are fruit scented.  I have them in the scents Peach and Grape. My favorite one is the peach scented one. The scent is spot on with a real peach and I love the smell. The grape however smells like fake grape medicine and I can't stand it.  The scent will linger on your finger tips so a good smelling one is a must.
Theses are scented nail polish remover pads that are pre-soaked with an acetone free remover. When I first got this I was very skeptical because anything that is pre-soaked in a pad form generally isn't strong enough to remove nail polish on the nails. However this stuff is good. For the nude painted nails I had during the cruse only need one pad for all my fingers. So for light colored nails one pad is sufficient but for darker and richer colors I need two to really get it clean. For theses I like to  fold the pad in half and just gently press it on top of the nails to wet my nail and then gently rub it off . it doesn't take long and comes off very quickly. When I use this it has an oily texture so and it stays there until  the nails are cleaned off. If your nail polished is painted on thickly the pad will, over time have a thick paste texture and that is an indication to get a new one.

The pads are paper thin but very study perfect for travel. this is great to travel with and handy to have around. Great product!

Alaska Jewelry Haul!

On my trip to Alaska I didn't actually spend too much, its more of an experience kind of vacation. but I did pick up a couple of cool things.

my wooden spike was a pain in the butt to put in, if felt like I was gauging my ear -__-
 This was on sale super pretty
My lovely aunty bought this for me, thank you!

Color Changing Nail Polishes from DELSOL

DELSOL is a retail brand specializing in color changing products by the sun. The concept is really unique and cool. I came across this brand on my cruse trip to Alaska in the really big cities, like Ketchikan and Juno. None of the clothing really caught my eye because it was all super touristy and ridiculously over priced but the nail polishes were really cool so I thought I give them a try.  These were $10 a piece and if you buy three you get one free.  These are available only in DELSOL stores and online. Taking advantage of their sale, I bought three and got one free.
In order of the first picture:
  1. Heartbreaker: a true ruby red slipper color, and that turns in to a deeper purple red.
  2. Alaska Gold Rush: a Lime green with gold glitter and it turns in to a light gold glitter polish
  3. Knock Out: a Nude pink, very sheer and it turns into a dark lavender color
  4. Spike: a frosty mint green which turns into a frosty white color.

On the top of the bottles is a little stickers telling what color the polish will change to in the sun light.

                                           one coat,                                                                         two coats
 Here are the nails in daylight. the nails change almost instantly depending on the strength of the sun. 
 Here, I did  a very simple nail art design incorporating all four colors. knock out as the base color, Heartbreaker as the flower, Alaska Gold Rush in the center, and Spike for the leaves.
As much as I like the concept behind this polish the color changing aspect was a little disappointing. I was hoping for a better color payoff. And for the colors to be more true to the stickers. If I had the chance I probably would get some more to see the other colors.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30

 Hello Hello, I have a review on a MAC product today and it's on their Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
This is a potted cream concealer marketed to cover any imperfections on the skin. This is retailed for 16.50 at any MAC store or counter. This concealer is medium to full coverage. Even though this concealer is medium to full, it does not feel heavy on my skin and does not cake up Unless you have dry patches of skin. This concealer drys matte and does not require powdering but for all-day use and because of  my skin type I like to lightly power.
I like to apply this product with my fingers because it warms up the product and allows for better applications of the product. it goes on easier and smoother with more coverage. I like to use this on the days when I want my acne scars on the back of my cheeks to disappear for the day. And it works. this is able to cover up the majority of the scares. It is not completely covered  but from a glance no one would know that I have acne scares. This is not a concealer if you have any dry patches of skin because it will grab on and not let go. The staying power of this concealer is really good. I've used this in super hot days and after all day it is still there. For the use under the eyes, it is okay, It covers the darkness underneath my eyes but without a primer it will settle into fine lines and will crease .

So here I have a before and after photo of my right cheek, and as you can see the "after" picture has a significant difference compared to my "before" cheek.  

Verdict: I like it, my go to acne covering concealer.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where have I been ? XD

Wow guys it has been a while. I have been Mia for about two weeks! and that is because, I went on vacation with my family to Seattle, Vancouver, and a beautiful cruse line ship to Alaska. The week that we were in Alaska, was one of my more memorable spots yet Right after my trip to Hong Kong. This is a natures lovers vacation hotspot. Breathtaking scenery and the cleanest and freshest air you will ever breath. If you like nature style vacations,  this is the place to go and experience. I will have travel blogs and beautiful photos of my adventures soon so stay toon for that, and more beauty reviews will also be up as well :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ELF Radiance Enhancer in Sunrise

 Hello hello I'm back with a review, and its on an Elf product. Today I have a Elf Radiance enhancer in the color Sunrise. I got this online at for $3, but Elf always has some sort of sale so it is easy to get this product for less.

The color I have is called Sunrise, it is a medium golden champagne pink with gold shimmer. It is a super pretty color that adds just a touch of shimmer and pink glow to the skin.  So as a highlighter this color is too dark,  so instead I now use it as a blush. It is a really pretty rose pink blush on the cheeks. It acts like a cream blush and blends effortlessly on the skin. Though this color is darkish and rosy, it not superbly pigmented so it will just be a tinge of color on the skin.
The product is packaged very similar to the Stila Lip Glazes, so its in a pen like tube with a bottom twist application. The applicator is a lip brush style with a hole in the middle allowing the product to come out pretty evenly. It does take a couple clicks to get enough product and it is very easy to twist out too much product, but its okay because the cap protect the excess product until next times use. I also like that there is a clear part of the tube that allow for the product to show so it is easy to identify which color is which.

Overall I like the product, not as a highlighter but as a blush and when ELF has another good sale i'll probably pick up some other colors :) 
Hope this review was helpful and until next time,