Thursday, June 16, 2011

L'oreal Hip Intense eyeliner

Hello, I'm back with another review on  L'oreal Hip Intense eyeliner. These retail for about $6-8 each at any drug store but I found mine at discount stores in my local area. We these first came out I was ecstatic that there was some pigmented eyeliners at the drugstore. I love theses pencils. The pigmentation in these are great. It claims to be long lasting but not really.When drys it does have smudge proof capabilities but  after a few hours it does start to break down and transfer, and because I have a slight mono-lid in the inner portion of my eye, I can't take this liner up far and I have to stay close to my lash line to prevent any unnecessary smudging.  It's not one of the longest lasing liners but it is one of the most pigmented. these are very smooth and creamy and glide on like butter. Because it is so soft, constant sharpening is needed, and that is were you lose a lot of product, from the shavings. (if you have this problem with any manual sharpening pencil that is fairly soft in texture, you can use an angle brush to pic up the shaved up product to apply the product.)
The colors I have are(in order of swatch) 925: Blue Spark, 315: Dark Romance, 935: Green flash
  1. Blue Spark: Is an eletric blue with a metallic sheen
  2. Dark Romance: a deep plum purple with a metallic sheen
  3. Green Flash: a medium hunter green with gold-ish metallic sheen

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