Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: Ulta double Duty Concealer & Dark Circle Treatment

Hello!  Ulta was having a buy one get one free sale and I have been looking for a few things and I was at the face section and I saw this and was intrigued. This is a concealer and dark circle treatment and I'm always out on the look  for products that could potentially save me from my dark circles
This is a light to medium coverage concealer. I wasn't overtly impressed with the coverage, it covered my dark circles but it wasn't amazing. 
I hate the packaging! At first I thought I was going to love the roller ball application but for this concealer it is the worst thing Ulta could have thought of. The roller ball doesn't move unless you press super hard. That pulls on the skin and doesn't even roll out evenly. The packaging says to glide on the skin, its more like an un-moving marble tugging on your under eye skin. Not very comfortable.  Extremely patchy and barely any product comes out at all. The consistency is too thick to roll and can't be used that way.

I de-potted the concealer in to a little pot thinking I would use the product as a regular concealer but honestly I don't go out of my way to grab this product for under eye concealing. It does the job but I have other concealers that packaging actually work and perform better.
My vote: not worth it!