Sunday, June 19, 2011

Purple eyes with Glitter

Hi everyone I'm here with a really fun and pretty purple eye with glitter. all of the eyeshadow were from my LA colors quad in Sweet pleasure plus some Stila. I find theses at my local dollar store. I actually wore for this look to work the over day (minus the glitter) and i got a lot of compliments. with the glitter it would be a great party or clubbing look
I actually did two versions of the same look by changing up the lips, so one is a funky fun night out look, and the other a more socially acceptable version.

Note: I planned on putting glitter so i didnt put on my base till after all the eye makeup was finished.

  1. Primed my lid with UD primer potion
  2. Selected the two lightest purple colors, mixed them together and applyed that to my whole moving lid.
  3. Then with a medium fluffy crease brush i selected the well loved pink and applied that above the purple. blending as a go to diffuse any harsh lines. 
  4. Lastly taking the darkest purple I took a stiff dome brush and wiggled that purple into the outer corner of my eye and in circular motions built up the color to create some definition and dept.
  5. the purple from the quad wasn't quite dark enough for me so I grabbed a purple shadow from one of my old Stila  pallet and used that to deepen the outer edge more. 
  6. To adhere the glitter to my lids I used LA Splash eyeshadow sealer/base and  glitter Iv had for a long time.
  7. eyeliner top and bottom (kohl) and waterproof mascara Maybeline Colossal.
  8. For my lips I used two MAC lipsticks the nude is FAUX and the bright neon purple is Play Time.
  9. My base is VIP Gold Collection Super + BB cream from skin 79

try as i might i couldn't get a good close up pic of the eyes so this was the best i could get out with out throwing off the color.

I hope you guys enjoy and i hope it was interesting :)

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