Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fashion Trend: Geeky Chic! Glasses

The Hipster Big rim glasses have been around for awhile now and I have recently purchased my own pair when I saw my friend wear her's out at school. I though it was the cutest thing ever. The ones I'm wearing are just the frames because my pair came with clear lenses but I didn't like them so I just popped out the lenses. Right now Cotton On  at new park mall has these glasses on clearance for 3 bucks if any one is interested.

I find this trend to be refreshing and a throw back to the 60s. I also see it in lots of dramas, especially in Korean dramas like You're Beautiful,  where they used the glasses as props to hide from people. I think its a great way to look low profile yet still look cute and chic. I like to wear it when with a rocker chick inspired outfit. or with a bubbly skirt and a white tee, to look girly geek XP

it is also very cute with gyaru themed makeup. Big eyelashes and a cute smile.

Here my friend  Sabrina He wearing hers with a scarf

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