Monday, March 19, 2012

Tomato Red

Hey hay, today is a fabulous day here in the East Bay! finally after weeks of rain and cold its nice and sunny outside! yay. So to celebrate I broke out my new red jeans and went out to lunch with my buddy!

Red Jeans: Marshals
White Tank: Ross
Sunnies: American Eagle
Belt: Talbot
Bag: Target
Photos: Travis Chu

Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: Color Tatoo EyeStudio 24 hour Eyeshadows

Well hello theeerrr!
I finally gave in and picked up the new Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow and I have a review on them. These were quite a challenge to get, especially these two colors. These are by far the most popular ones out of the range because these were always sold out. Tough as Taupe, and Bad to the Bronze are the neutral colors in this range. This has a wide range of colors, bright blues, turquoise, greens and purples. This are long lasting cream eye shadows that are great by them selves or as color bases. These are about 5.30 each at Wal-mart. Incredibly affordable and a great product. This, I can say is one of the best product Maybelline had come out with in a long time.
These are very long lasting and don't crease on me for a decent amount of time. I can wear these all day about (8) hours and not have to worry about creasing. Especially if I add an eyeshadow on top I have nothing to worry about.
Tough as Taupe
A matte taupe color, more on the cool side. It is a very grey toned taupe, I almost don't want to describe it a taupe because its mostly grey on my lids and in the pot. This is sheer in application but is build able. It is easily bendable on the lids.This one I don't really like to wear it alone on my lids,  I use it as a color base for my grey smokey eyes, or I will smudge a little bit of it on the outer corners of my bottom lash line to help subtly define my bottom outer corner.
Bad to the Bronze
A warm golden brown bronze. I really love this color, it's a great brown color that has gold shimmer. I love this one. This is now my go to eyeshadow color to wear everyday. I love that I can smudge some of this on my lids and blend the edges and then be done. This one is more pigmented with one layer on the lids then taupe and is build-able. 
I think these are great products to grab, they have a wide range of great color for people who love bold colors and some for people who like there neutrals and browns. This are long lasting and make nice color bases. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: UNT Ideal Glow Powder Foundation

Herro there, today I have a review on a powder foundation by UNT a Taiwan based company that make great skin care and makeup. Ideal Glow is a waterproof, oil free, anti-aging compact powder. This powder is formulated to be sweat proof  and weightless feeling on the skin. The powder is very soft and light. This is very bendable and feels light and silky on the skin.  This is available at for 21.99. You get 12g of product and it will last a long time.

The powders are imprinted with the UNT brand on top and it comes packaged in a sleek white and black compact with a decent size mirror. I like the packaging, it is very classic and sturdy. The compact can withstand damage, I've dropped my compact a couple of times and it hasn't broken. 
This is marketed to be waterproof and have anti-aging and care against hyper pigmentation. I find this to be great at being "waterproof" my makeup is till on at the end of the day and it doesn't fade away. I use this religiously during the summer because it holds up so well.  As for Hyper pigmentation I haven't really noticed any change, but that could also be because I have recurring acne and scars so if it fade any of my old scars my new ones just replaced it. So I don't have any marker to tell if it helped. 
Ideal Glow comes in 5 shades the lightest being Snow H05 and Golden H20 being the darkest. The color range is very limited, This is great for people who are NC/NW 35 and lower any darker and these will not be compatible with deep skin tone. H20 Golden is the perfect color for me and I range from an NC30-35. Golden is a perfect match to NC 30, but when I'm NC 35 in the summer I have to use a bronzer to darken it just a bit.
I have two of the shades available, Snow and Golden. My cousin introduced me to this brand and bought me my first compact. Golden, I have repurchased and I'm still using my first Snow.
 This powder is medium coverage and can be full with more layers but what I like is that it blurs the appearance of acne/acne scars. It neutralizes the redness so it looks less apparent. 

Here is Snow, this is a very light powder way too light for my skin but it makes for a great matte highlighter. I like to apply this to the tops of my cheeks, bridge of my nose and then take Golden and blend it all together to get that really natural subtle highlighted effect.
Swatch: Top, Golden. Bottom, Snow
Overall great powder foundation, perfect for an active person because it is sweat-proof, great for summertime and places that are humid and hot. I took it to Vegas and it held up great!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: Illegal Length Mascara (waterproof)

Hi friends,
 today's review is on Maybelline's new mascara, Illegal Lengths,  this is available at any drugstore for 6-8 dollars. This is Maybelline's latest addition to their collection of lengthening mascaras and all I have to say is that it is and OK mascara, Maybelline has come out with a lot better mascaras that perform just as good if not better. Illegal lengths has fibers in the mascara formula designed to adherer to the lashes and help to lengthen the lashes. On me personally I didn't see a big difference, my lashes still looked relatively the same. I have long straight lashes, so I purchases the waterproof formula to help with the holding power. This does hold a curl very well and offer great definition. My lashes look defined and darker with two coats on. The formula is on the dry side which is good, its build able and drys in a short amount of time. It can hold my curl all day and  I experienced no flaking and discomfort from fallen fibers.
What I really like is the brush, this type of brush is my favorite because  its like a spiral stair case and when I twist my wand as I comb it thorough my lashes it can really get in there and coat it nicely. I also like that its a fiber wand. I also like the structure of the wand and mascara. I like that Its a square handle. I feel like I can hold and have more control as I apply my mascara in the morning.
Here some shots of my eyes with the mascara on, I like that my lashes have lift and a nice curl. It is a very natural looking mascara and has a full and fanned out effect. This doesn't clump my lashes, it evenly coats it and makes them look full and fluffy. My lashed don't feel brittle or heavy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: H2O+ Water Activated Eyemakeup Remover

 Today's review is on H2O+ Water Activated Eye makeup Remover, I got this at my local Marshals for 6-7 dollars. This is my second bottle and I love this stuff. This is a water activated gel that lathers into a soft creamy eye makeup remover that will gently remove non-water proof makeup.  So this is great for days with regular eyeshadow and normal mascara. H2O states that this is an "oil free, fragrance free gel that gently foams away eye makeup and mascara with out irritation or dryness. "
This is a clear gel product that required water to start lather. It is a very gentle cleanser that is non irritating and doesn't sting the eyes. This is my favorite way of removing my eye makeup because it is the gentlest . On days when I'm wearing regular mascara and eyeliner and a little bit of eyeshadow, this works beautifully. However I can't use this when I'm wearing waterproof mascara, this isn't strong enough to break down or dissolve waterproof mascara, it leave too much mascara left and I would have to go back with a wipe.
That being said I still really like this stuff. I think its an awesome eye makeup remover for normal/ regular eye makeup.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butter

Lip Butters! by Revlon, these have received a lot of hype and I can see why, these are lovely. I have three colors  in order of the bottom picture is
  • Cotton Candy
  • Gumdrop
  • Berry Smoothie
I bought these at my local Target for about 5-6 dollars and man these were hard to come by, when ever target restocked it was gone in a flash. But I managed to grab a few. These are a soft lip product that is overall very sheer and moisturizing. These make great as tinted lip balms because they are very moisturing and offer a light sheen of color on the lips.  The lip bullet is very soft and creamy so caution is advise when applying because it can easily break and or get smashed against the side of the lipstick case. However these are not long lasting so reapplying through out the day is necessary. I find that these are great for everyday use and make for easy and quick lip looks. 

I like the packaging, the caps match the color of the product and the tops of the caps are clear which is nice  in seeing the actual color of the product. The caps snap securely and is very sturdy.  The quilt pattern is very cute and girly.

Here are swatches of the lipsticks. in order of the previous photo.  These are again very sheer and only applies a soft wash of color.,
Gumdrop: Is a light lilac purple that on the lips is more of a very cool tone purple/pink color. Its one of those hard colors to pull off. On me its very pale and an awkward color. This is my least favorite.
Cotton Candy: is a really pretty bright soft pink that has gold shimmer. This one is a pink sheen on my lips that is really shiny and pretty. This is my favorite and is the most wearable and flattering on me.
Berry Smoothie: is the most pigmented of the three. It is warm berry color that is sheer yet gives a very nice tinge of color. I looks like I have a stain on and some gloss on top. This is shiny and I love that its a light color I can sweep on.