Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Goodies!: Christmas Shopping for New Skincare!

Seaweed Clarifying Toner: This is a refreshing toner that leaves my skin feeling clean and tingly and the best part is that alcohol isn't in the top five list if ingredients. This uses menthol for that tingly clean skin feel.

Aqua Fortis Instant Hydra Boost Serum: This is very light weight and super hydrating serum. For some reason my skin is exceptionally dry this winter season so I thought to give this shot to see if it will help.

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion: I got this in the hopes of it helping in fading my acne scares. This uses tea tree and has a very strong scent. Iv used it a couple times, and overall I like it for now.

My Beauty Diary: Orange Blossom and White Lotus Sleep Concentrate: This was on sale and I was looking for a sleep mask. This has orange blossoms and white lotus to help retain moisture, This is also lightly scented with orange blossom and it smells amazing. I have been using this as a sleeping pack at night.

Kio Pearly White Eye Enhancing Gel: Thanks to my Aunty she picked me up this eye cream for my dark circles. She loves it and I wanted to give it a shot.

Naruko: Apple seed and Tranexamic Acid White Hydra Milk: I have been wanting to try out Naruko products for a while and I was talking to the lady and I told her I wanted something that could help with my acne scaring she recommended  this and I gonna give it a shot!

I hope every one had a great Christmas and spent time with friends and Family. Happy New Years lets make 2013 a memorable one!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Wet and Wild eyeshadow Trio: Walking on Eggshells

Hello there my eyeshadow junkies! Today I have a review on the Wet and Wild eyeshadow Trio: Walking on Eggshells. I first heard about this specific trio from Beauty Broadcast or Emilynoel83 on YouTube. She raved about this and iv been wanting to try Wet and Wild Shadows for a while and this was the perfect trio for me to tryout. 
I got this on my trip to Ride Aid and this was only 2.99 so cheap. What I love about the Wet and Wild brand is that there products are very inexpensive but the product quality they sell is unbelievably high quality. Iv tried their eyeliners and brow kit and everything Iv tried from this line I have loved.
Walking on Egg Shells is a very beautiful trio. This is a brown and pink combo with a white eyebrow shade. All three colors are shimmery and very pigmented. These shadows are smooth and creamy. They apply to the lid so easy. These can be a little powdery but there are ways to lessen fall out onto the face. The only color I would have to worry about is the crease color.
The browbone color is a shimmery white color. This is really pretty as an inner corner highlight, lid color and if used lightly a browbone color.
Crease color is a petty bronzy brown. Its a medium brown color. I like this color very much I really like this all over my lids and that's it! This is a one color look for me and I love it.
Lid color is a light champagne pink color.  Its a light color that is really pretty. I like to uses it as a blending color over the crease color. I'm not a big fan of pink on the lids and then the crease color, for my eye shape that doesn't work for me. What works better is laying down the crease color as a lid color and then using the lid color as my blending/crease color. The pink helps to warm up the brown and add a pink tinge the eyes and make them look "romantic"
Overall I really like this trio. The colors work great together and make for an array of looks. The pigmentation of the shadows is great and Wet and Wild have really stepped up their game and are making amazing products and I am most definitely going to try more of there stuff.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: MAC Sheertone Blush: Gingerly

 I have been on a blush crazy lately! I have been loving using blush again. It gives such a nice flush of color and makes the face look healthy and happy. Blush in the fall and winter time is the perfect way to add color in dreary and cold months
I have always wanted to try the Mac shear tone blushes from Mac and I am so happy this is my first choice. This was 20.00 and is available at any Mac counter or store and this is a permanent color. Gingerly is a cool tone mauve pink that has hint of a brown undertone, which I found to be a great blush/contort color for my skin tone.I have light/medium skin tone and this would work great on fair and up to skin tones to the 35-40nc/nw range
 A shear tone blush from Mac is a lightly pigmented blush that is very forgiving and is great for layering colors to build up the colors. I find this to be perfect for people who are light handed with there makeup or who are new to makeup and are afraid to make mistakes. This blush is virtually impossible to make a mistake with. The blush give the skin a natural pink flush to the skin and also acts like a slight contour on my cheeks and I find it great for every day as it makes putting on blush and a contour very fast and easy. 
This is a great everyday color and the Shear tone range is gorgeous range that makes for blush application easy and simple. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Mac Cream sheen Lipstick: Ravishing

FREEDOM! Finals are done and now its winter break!
 In celebration today's review is on one of my favorite lipsticks ever! Macs Ravishing cream sheen lipstick and the funny thing is that I didn't even pick this one out, My boyfriend did he gave it to me and said "try this one" I did and I was like its so pretty. I put it on and I really liked the color on me. I really enjoy peach and coral colors on my skin, blushes, eye shadow and lipsticks are all very pretty. 
 The packaging of all mac lipsticks are in a black case with Mac in silver print. The packaging is sleek and classic. Ravishing is a permanent color.  Mac lipsticks all have a cupcake scent to it, the scent isn't very strong and I find it very pleasant.  This is available at any Mac counter or Store. It retails for 15.99. 
 Ravishing is a light peachy orange shade. This color is bright yet wearable and add a nice understated pop of color to the face. I like wearing this color when I wear warm colored eye shadow or when I only wear eyeliner. This color is great for the fall time. Its warm yet bright and cheerful  Wearing this always perks up my mood This goes great with fall inspired outfits, browns, oranges  rich colors all look beautiful with this and is my go to lip color. 
The Cream Sheen Line of lipsticks from Mac are a lipstick and gloss in one. They leave a glossy finish on the lips and they don't need anything on top. Ravishing packs a punch in pigmentation  yet is sheer enough to make it a wearable color. On its own the creamsheen isn't drying on the lips and is decently long lasting. After about 3 hours tho it does start to get drying but its nothing unbearable. 

This is my favorite fall lipstick, it is bright and cheerful  Adds a much needed pop to gray and gloomy days. The peachy coral color adds a natural color compliment to my skin and makes me look awake and fresh. I highly recommend this color!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

 Today I have a review on a leave in conditioner. This is the really popular Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I got this at Ulta for $33. (I found this cheaper at Target and online but I was un-smart and didn't shop around before I purchased this :[ ) This tub hold 8.5 fl oz and for 33 buck that pretty steep but I musts say that even for my medium long hair I have gotten many uses out of this product and I still have half a tub. I bought this in the June of 2012 and till now December 2012 this has lasted me quite a while. I like to use this once a week.This is insanely expensive and I was almost tempted to not get it but I was desperate for a repair mask for my hair. Ever sense I attempted my at home ombre hair dye my hair has become really dry and overall looks dry and unhealthy. I wanted to get this because I heard many people say that this one is really good. I have to agree! Happily this is a miracle worker for my hair. 
After one use of this conditioner my hair came back to life. After my shower and my hair air dried it was soft, light, and felt healthy again.  This is a leave in deep conditioner so this stays in my hair for at least 10 minutes so the first thing I do is wash my hair and then apply this and let it sit while I do my shower routine and at the end it has had time to soak into my hair. This conditioner is thick and really sticks to the hair. It really acts like a mask and can penetrate the hair shaft and rinse out clean. A product like this I ONLY apply to my mid shaft and ends, I can't put this in my scalp because this is so rich and moisturizing that this will weigh down my hair and make it look flat and limp. I have fine hair and I have to have volume so this product says far away from my scalp and roots.
This has a strong  scent, the scent is hard to describe but its a very pleasant scent and it will linger in your hair all day. I personally like the smell, It makes my hair smell good all day long.
I love this product, this has saved my hair from being dry and dead to soft, smooth and shiny.

PS: what also works is a good haircut but NAH! I want my Pocahontas hair back so NOPE only trims to keep the split ends at bay:) Till next time!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Day in SF

 Hello!I have another outfit of the day post. I enjoy posting theses casual fashion type posts. My family and I spent a beautiful say in SF and went to the California Academy of Sciences. The place is beautiful, it has an underground aquarium, indoor rain forest, space Exploratorium, a 'living roof' and an African arts exhibit.  Its a great place to spend the day in and its in the middle of Golden gate park so when your done with the Acadamy you can  visit the De young museum, and the Japanese Tea gardens
 For this outfit I wanted to be casual and comfortable. Jeans and a jacket are a must because SF can get  cold really fast and a jacket or a cover up is a must in the city. 

I hope you enjoyed this post:)
Jacket: American Eagle
White blouse: Talbot
Black Jeans: Marshels
Belt: Talbot
Boots: Ross

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Goodies!: The Balm Haul

OMG I just got my order from Hautelook in today and My order from the Balm is here! Exciting I got the Nudetude pallet, 
Time balm Concealer,
 Schwing liquid eyeliner,
 and a "The Balm Girls" lipstick! 
How exciting! After I hear so much hype about the Nudetude pallet and the Balm in general I was excited to pick stuff up from Hautelook on sale! score. The only thing I hate is that Hautelooks shipping process is shitty! It takes for ever for them to ship items! :[

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review: Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Eye Treatment

Today I have a review on an eyecream that I have been in love with for quite a while. Back in 2011 I was looking around for an eyecream that I could use daily and not be paying 20+ every time  I was shopping at Marshals one day and came across Elizabeth Arden products and this was there. This was 9.99 and I love it!  Marshals has a wide range ot Elizabeth Arden products and I can always find this when I stop by.
This is a daily eye cream that is formulated to help with tired eyes and dark circles. This helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles. This is very moisturizing and it claims to dry matte but I always put a concealer on top. This is fragrance free and is suitable for contact wearers. This doesn't irritate my eyes or stings.  This small tube last along time. I use less than a pea size amount of product every day in the morning for both eyes  and  this tube can easy last me 6 months. For 10$ this is a great price. 
I find this cream to be very hydrating and smoothing. This has helped with my under circles and When I used this my dark circles look lighter and less terrible. This is great under makeup. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn't change the effect of makeup on top.  This has a cooling  feel and is very  comfortable on the skin. 
The packaging is nice. I like that its a squeeze tube, it helps to be more hygienic and convenient  instead of a pot form like most eye creams are, this makes it easier, faster and cleaner to use and apply. 

Overall I enjoy this product a lot. Its a great inexpensive everyday eye cream  absorbs fast into the skin and works great at minimizing and helping my dark circles and puffy eyes in the morning.  

Review: Loreal Magic BB Cream in Medium

More reviews for the win, I told you guys I have been trying out a lot of stuff and I finally have some time to put my thoughts on paper, or in this case my blog :P lol any way on to the review. 
Today's review is on the New Loreal BB cream, Magic Skin Beautifier BB in medium. I got this at Walmart for $7 I think but I've seen this as high as $12, which is insane for a a drugstore product. But any way besides the point I have the shade Medium and the idea behind this BB cream is the color changing beads in the cream, identical to the Almay's smart shade makeup that I lived by in high school. This BB cream is the Westerns attempt to break into the Asian BB cream market. BB cream essentially stands for blemish balm and in Asia, BB cream is a skincare and makeup item in one, usually has benefits of whiting, completion perfecting and SPF.  The Western versions are nothing like the Asian counterparts. Western BB creams are essentially tinted moisturizers with BB cream slapped in the title. That being said I like this product. 
This claims to do 4 things primes, perfects, hydrate, and correct. This comes in three shades, light, medium, and dark. That is the one thing about Western BB creams that is better than Asian BB creams. They cater to a wider range of skin tones which makes it a much easier product to like when its in your skin tone range. 

The product packaging is very simple and clean. The dispensing of the product is very easy to, the bottle is a squeeze tube and it makes for easy access of the product and easy to measure out exactly how much you need. The bottle makes for hygienic application. This product comes out white from the tube and it has beads suspended in the product. As you rub it on the face the beads will burst and change to best fit your skin tone. This product has light to medium coverage. It goes on my skin very smoothly and blends very easily.
 This drys to a matte satin finish. This is very moisturizing which is great in the winter time when my shin is dryer that normal. This has a tinted moisturizer effect and because of that its not very long lasting but it does last long enough to get me though my day. Id say it lasted max 6 hours and then it started to break down. I have oily combo skin and it started fading around my forehead and cheeks. 
Overall I like this product. This is very hydrating, my skin doesn't feel dry with this on and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. This does help in reducing my redness from acne but doesn't eliminate it. It just lessen the redness  I still have to use a concealer to hide acne scars but is good a evening out pigmentation. If I had scar free skin and just redness I would love this more but I don't :(  I like that this hasn't broken me out. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dressing for Fall

 Yay a new fashion post! I finally get to wear boots. And what makes this even more special to me is that I have lost almost 20 pounds which means that my legs finally let me wear tall boots. I went from a size 13 to a 5. I donated all of my fat clothes and embraced my new body. I have never been able to do that and the moment I bought these new boots and they zipped up all the way I was ecstatic. And just in time for Fall. I hope everyone goes and gets healthy and make  life changing  choice that will benefit you in the future. 

Dress: Banana Republic
Belt: Vintage
Bag: Steve Madden
Boots: Nicole
Jacket: Ross
Remember to smile:) Happiness is the key

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Nars Blush and Bronzer duo: Orgasm and Laguna

Helloo! I final got my first NARs product. Thank you bby. I chose the Nars blush and bronzer duo in Orgasm and Laguna.  I love this thing! It lives up to its hype. Orgasm blush is beautiful and Laguna is one awesome bronzer.
First off I want to talk about the packaging. Its packaged in a sleep matte black case that has some weight to it. The texture of the compact feels like mat grip which I enjoy. It is different from any thing on the market and it makes it unique. One thing tho because of the texture the compact can easily get dirty but a damp paper towel with clean it right up. 

This is just so pretty! 
Orgasm blush is a gorgeous peach pink with gold shimmer. The powder is smooth and pigmented and applies to the face very easily and gives the skin a pretty pink flush. Very little is needed to tint the cheeks and it is just beautiful.  
Laguna bronzer is a medium bronzer with just a slight hint of shimmer, but its so light that the shimmers doesn't transfer to the face. This is perfect for contouring the cheeks. It adds a natural shadow and doesn't make the skin look overly  orange and I find this to be mistake proof. The color is very forgiving and will work great for ladies with light to medium skin tones. 

This is a great combo to pick up to try two Nars products for less than the price of two. Both the blush and bronzer are fantastic 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Wet and Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

There is one thing that I can not live without in the make up world  is my eye brows. I have been blessed with very light eyebrow hairs. They are so faint and light that they can disappear in the background. An eye brows purpose is to frame and define the face. It helps to add personality and shape to the face. Without eyebrows the face is incomplete. 

For a while I have been looking for a new eyebrow powder and I was shopping a Ride Aid and I saw the Wet and Wild stand and they had their brow kits. I read that this was a really good brow kit so I was excited to try it. and on the plus side it was only 2.99 with a buy one get one 50% off I got it for 1.99.
I like how this is packaged. Its really small and compact. It has two powders and a wax on one side and a place for a brush and tweezers on top of a mirror. The design is nicely thought out and I think works great.

This kit comes with a small brush and a small pair of tweeters. The brush that comes with this kit is awesome. I find it to be a perfect eyebrow brush, its soft and pliable, it moves when I push down but its not thin or floppy. It applies the powder very nicely. The tweezers that come in this kit are pretty decent as well. They are small but are able to grab stray hairs. These two things make this kit perfect for travel. If you some how forget to bring tweezers and a brow brush the ones provided in the kit will do a fantastic job. 

These are the colors for the Ash Brown kit. I comes with a cool tone dark brown and a neutral medium brown along with a wax to set the brows.  The reason why I really enjoy this kit is because the main color I use is the cool tone brown. I found for my eyebrows and hair color the powder color has to be cool and on the gray side. This gives me the most natural brows. The powers it self are really pigmented one tap into the powder with the brush provide is plenty to fill in my whole brow. The pigmentation in this kit is pretty phenomenal. For the price range it is almost too good. The light brown is also acts great in the front of my brows but most of the time I just dust the front of my brows with whatever is left on the brush after I finish my tail.
 As for the wax I don's really use wax or anything rather to set my brows, seeing as I have almost none so that is just extra. It does feel like a dryer wax, its not wet or sticky so it should be okay to use as a brow setter. 

Here I used the kit and I loved how my brows came out. I think this is an amazing find and something I will most defiantly repurchase this.

Happy Holidays! Next post should be Favorite Fall boots!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

 It is getting colder and wetter! yay I love the weather after the rain. The air smells so fresh and clean. Anyhoo! I have a review on this new mascara. The Cat Eyes Volume Express Colossal mascara (waterproof). I picked this up at Ulta but is available at any drugstore. The color I have is Glam Black 243.  What drew me to this mascara is the packaging.  It's so cute. They kept the classic yellow background and changed the font color to a burnt orange. But whats really cute is the animal print pattern on the handle. I thought that was adorable.  
 The wand of this mascara is curved and they call it the "claw brush"  This mascara claims instant volume with no clumps and is formulated with collagen. The design of the wand will make the lashes full and spiked a the corners. This is contact safe which is great for me.  The type of lashes I have are long and straight. They are very stubborn and require lots of curling and waterproof mascara to hold any form of curl. 
Heres a close up of the brush as you can see it is very curved. I found this brush to be okay at curling lashes or adding much volume. The shape of the brush did make it easier to apply mascara to all of my lashes.  The mascara performed as the packaging said. It made my eye lashes look spiky and full of volume yet not very dramatic, which I like. The one thing it didn't do to my lashes is give me that "cat" eye look like the picture illustrates but I really didn't really expect it to. This gave my eye lashes a very subtle effect and held my curl all day long. Overall this mascara is a good mid range mascara, It did what it claimed to do but its not anything super special. I mainly got it for the really cute packaging.