Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Loreal Volume Collogen Mascara (Waterproof)

Hello all! Today I have a review on a new mascara I recently got.  This is the Loreal Volume Collagen Mascara (Waterproof) This is marketed as a volume mascara that will give lots of volume with no flakes. This has fibers inside the formula that help to add lots of volume. This is packaged in a sleek black tube with a transparent blue top. This has a large fiber wand that holds a lot of product. I have to wipe off the excess with tissue every time I use it. The formula is very dry and clumpy. This is hard to work with because it doesn't glide through my lashes. I clumps up and the base and doesn't fully coat my lashes.  I leaves me with bumpy rough lashes with only two coats. I dislike this. For being a volume mascara this gives me no drama, or big dramatic lashes. They look like clumpy spider legs. What this does do is that it hold a curl and is flake free all day. Still very unpromising, this claimed to do a lot and it failed in all most department. Not a good buy, there are plenty others to get that offer a lot more and actually perform to their claims, this was a big fail. time to toss it.