Thursday, June 30, 2011

June empty's

This month I finished off quite a few products:
  1. Colossal mascara one of my favorite mascaras yet read my review on it here !
  2. Line stiletto liner in black brown, one of my favorite brown liquid liners
  3. Kirkland face wipes, great makeup remover for the face, and very inexpensive
  4. clean and clear oil sheets  this was a meeh product, for what it is, I can easly find cheaper oil obsorbing papers anywere else for less money. nothing special.
  5. Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover. great eye makeup remover but Targets UP remover is just as good and cheaper so, no need to repurchase this.
 Out of all of the things I finished I would get more of the liner, mascara and face wipes. The rest, I have  already found cheaper alternatives so I don't need to repurchase them. 

Were there any products you guys and gals finished off this month?

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