Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: the Balm Girls Lipstick: Mai Billsbepaid

Hello! Today I want to share my thoughts on this lipstick by the Balm. This is called Mai Billsbepaid from the  Balm girls line. This is a gorgeous nude pink color. The texture of this is smooth and creamy, with a minty taste. This is packaged in a slick sliver tube, which is boring compared to the box packaging it came in. The exterior packaging is again cute and quirky. The spin off James Bond is comical and catchy. This lipstick on me is a nice nude color, with hints of pink I love this color. I used this almost every day when I got it. This goes with every thing and is my go to day time lipstick. 
This lipsticks wears for a fair amount of time after about 5 hours though it does become uncomfortable, it does start to dry out but some gloss fixes that. Overall this is one of my favorite nude lipstick, this is a classic nude that matches everything and is so easy to use and apply. It is smooth and creamy on the lips and applies evenly. 

Venturing into the Green

There is something about camo that makes me want to go on adventures and find new things I can see and explore. To stick with the theme of adventures and exploration, I kept my color palette neutrals. Sticking to browns and blacks. I recently bought a new tribal shirt and I am in love with it! The pattern contrast with the camo yet still goes well with the overall look. This is a super easy and comfortable look. Really casual and effortless.
Camo: Ross (old)
Tribal tank: Forever 21
Leggings: Ross
Knee highs: Forever21
Boots: Target
Bag: Colhaan (old)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: bareMinerals: Mineral Veil

Hi everyone! I have a review on bareMinerals: Mineral Veil. This is a translucent finishing power for the face. This is formulated to set the makeup and have the effect of a "soft focus camera lens". This is formulated with out parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes. This is available at Ulta, Sephora, and and stores, and retails for $20. 
I picked this up at Ulta and honestly it was a at the moment buy. I came home and slightly regretted it mainly because I really didn't need a finishing powder, I almost never use liquid face products, my foundations are powder and I don't need to set that. But I justified it by saying its my only one and it can come in handy later, so I kept it. 
Overall this is a good finishing powder, it does absorb excess oil and when I do use liquid products ex: BB creams or liquid foundations this does the job in setting and making my makeup last longer. This is very light weight and doesn't cake up on top of products. The finish this gives my face is very soft and matte. This is nice in the summer as well when I wear nothing on my face and just a dust of this to mattify my face. The oil control of this product is long lasting and does very well in heat and humidity.  I didn't find this to accentuation any pores on my face like some loose powders I've tried but sometimes it can make my face feel a little dry and tight. The dryness does go away after a while or if it really bothers me i'll just give my face a quick spritz with Fix + by Mac. 
I think I made the right choice in keeping this, Its good and does the job, I'm not crazy over it because its not something I use on a daily basis but it is good to have in my collection for when I need to set liquid products and when I need serious oil control.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MOTD: Fully Loaded Green Smoky Eye

 It has been a while since I've done a MOTD post.  I recently went to Sephora with my boyfriend and I told him to pick out a green eye shadow, he selected Loaded by Urban Decay. The crazy ball has been asking for green makeup and I am more than happy to oblige. It gets me back into using colored makeup and playing around more with the products I already have. It also brought to my attention that my makeup skills need work! It was unnecessarily difficult for me to do this look it was crazy. Too long for my tastes and man it makes me want to use color now!

Products used:
Mac "Studio Fix" powder foundation
"Time Balm" Concealer
Mac Blush in "Gingerly"
Wet and Wild eyebrow powder
Benefit mascara in: "They're Real"
Urban Decay eye shadow: "Loaded"
Wet and Wild eyes shadow trio in "Walking on Eggshells"
UD eye shadow "Secret Service" (brown)
Model 21 eyelashes #21

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Style Trend _ Color Blocking:Triple Scope Ice cream

Some times I can have a very mean Boyfriend, the first thing he said to me as I was walking up his deck he called my outfit a triple scope ice cream :[ sooo mean! In the end tho I kinda liked the name so it stayed with me and I liked my outfit so I still wore it out.
This is my take on the color blocking trend, I paired teal pants with a pink and white top. It has been warm and bright in Nor cal for a few days  so I decided to wear a very bright and fun outfit to match the day. I chose all pastel and "spring like colors" to add some color to off set the gloomy weather we have been experiencing recently. 
I hope every one is haveing a great day!
Shirt and pants: Ross
Moccasins: Lucky Brand 
Infinity scarf: Target
Bag: Colhaan (old)
Lips Maybelline Color Whisper_A Plum Prospect (review)
When I wore this outfit it was warm and sunny, now its COLD!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Lush Bath Bomb in Sakura

Hi everyone! Today's review is on my first ever bath bomb from Lush. I picked up Sakura at my local Lush store. I have always been intrigued by Lushes bath bombs and heard many good thing about their products. Bath Bombs are fun ways to make bath time fun and relaxing. Bath bombs infuse the bath water with fragrance and essential oils to help relax the user and add something special to a boring bath. 

Sakura Bath Bomb's scent smells like Sakura blossoms and hints of Jasmine  This has many floral notes and
its main scent is of flowers, however it also has a fresh herbal scent with hints of citrus as the last note. This scent is very relaxing and has a soothing effect when used. The fresh floral scent in the bathroom coupled with the warm water creates an environment of relaxation and calm. What's also nice is that this floral scent is very light and gentle, with strong floral scents I can get really bad headaches and this didn't do that to me. My boyfriend also loved this bomb, the scent is "boyfriend approved" as he called it, because its floraly but not super girly. So this is a very good bomb to share with significant others. 
In the bath the bomb fizz and bubbles for about 2 minutes before completely dissolving  The effects in the bath are simple and basic, this doesn't color the water only makes it milky kind of like unfiltered sake. Soaking in the bath water left my skin feeling soft and moisturized  I loved how my skin felt all over my body my skin felt softer and gently perfumed with Sakura and Jasmine. The scent stayed on my skin for a good while, I'd say a hour and using this before bed time puts you in the mood to sleep and unwind. 
I also found out that if you use this in a jacuzzi the effects of the bomb intensify   The color stays milker longer and bubbles with form and pop with the scent of citrus. When the water is drained from the bath I didn't find it to have a reside inside the tub and it rinsed out clean with no hassle.   
A couple of things I don't like about this product overall is that the bath bombs in general are very messy and crumble which makes it difficult to store or if I wanted to split it in half. The amount of mess that would come from that would just not be worth it. Also for a one time use item $6.45 is very pricey. Tho this is a very nice product for daily use the bath bombs are just too expensive  But once in a while and when ever I happen to pass by a Lush store again I will probably pick up another one to try.
Overall I really like Sakura as a bath bomb and bath bombs in general. Its a very fun way to make bath time interesting and relaxing. Sakuras soft floral scent relaxes and calms the body while moisturizing the skin. I find the price point to be a little steep but this is most defiantly a fun once in a while treat for your skin and bath. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

21st Birthday Haul!!!!!

I'm 21! at last I'm buying my own drank! To celebrate my baby took me shopping in San Francisco and we hit all the stores! First stop Forever 21, he bought me a long safari style trench dress, a tribal tank top and a navy blue tee shirt. On top of that he got me two new necklaces, a really cute owl pendant and a MUSTACHE necklace!!!!! 
After Forever 21 we walked to the Original Tommy's Joynt on Van Ness and Geary. This is a bomb German style Hofbrau. I got the Corn beef sandwich with all the drippens and babe got the BBQ brisket dinner plate. This was one of the best places we have eaten in SF yet. Awesome decor and  atmosphere. I just cant stress enough that the food was bomb-diggity and we will most definitely be returning. Here I also got my first drink courtesy of my baby. 
After Tommy's Joynt we walked around Union Square and took picture in front of the famous heart. We walked by Zara and baby bought me a really cute scarf! Its a navy blue square scarf with flying eagle print. It is warm and cozy. Then we hit H&M and they were having a clearance sale but every thing sucked. There was nothing cute but I did manage to find some new belts.  Last stop was Sephora where my baby is just an angel. He and I have been looking for a new green eye shadow for me to use and we finaly found it. Urban Decays Loaded eyeshadow. I also decided to redeem my Sephora points and got a new mascara, Blinc a tubeulare mascara.

 Last thing to make my day any better was the gift my Baby's mom gave me. She gifted me with a  vintage necklace and ring set with a statement pendant necklace.
 I had a wonderful 21st birthday! Thanks to my baby making a awesome San Francisco day trip and spending it with the one I love. Thank you!
Hope every one has a great day and awesome birthday when ever it comes around. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Whisper: A Plum Prospect

 Hello! Today I have a review on the new Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in the color A Plum Prospect.
I was shopping at Walgreens with my boo and he came across this color and said "get this color"! This was $7 at Walgreens. These are packaged in a silver tube and a matching color lid to show the color of the product. The print of the name on the cap is very whimsical and fluid, it adds a nice touch to the overal presentation. The Whisper line of lipstick is a moisturizing line that is marketed to be a sheer wash of color.  These are pure pigment colors suspended in a gel formula so there are no heavy waxes or oils. The texture is very smooth and glides on like butter. The effect of these lipsticks give you soft and moisturized lips with sheer hints of color. I really like them, this color in particular is a beautiful pink purple. This is my kind of colored lip. This is a darker pink with the purple tone it really tones it down but still stand out. These stay on my lips for a long time and act like a lip balm. I love how my lips feel and wearing this means that I don't have to use lip balm at all. 
Overall these are great moisturizing lipsticks with sheer color that act like lip balm! Awesome combination of moisture and color. Great product.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Black and Gold

On Christmas Eve I had the pleasure of attending my first cousins wedding at New Port Beach. The ambiance of the wedding was beautiful.  The yacht was light up extravagantly with white lights that accompanied the red and green decor excellently.  The atmosphere of the wedding was intimate and personal. I love small weddings, the feel of the event was warm and inviting.    
Dress: Micheal Kors - Fall 2012
Necklace: H&M
Clutch: H&M
Shoes: Bandolino

Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: Tart Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush: Peaceful, Exposed

 Today I want to share my newest addiction, my Amazonian clay blushes from Tarte! I have heard so many good things about these blushes that I wanted to try them. These retail for 25$ a piece and are available at Ulta, Sephora, and
The colors I have are Peaceful which I got in an old collection a long time ago and Exposed, on recommendation from one of my favorite YouTube bloggers, Jen frmheadtotoe.
These blushes are long lasting and highly pigmented and I love these. These are infused with amazonian clay and are formulated to benefit the skin. I'm happy that Tarte did that and made a product with the consumer in mind but in all reality the skin benefits this blush has is not that effective.
 I really like the packaging of this product. The exterior colors correspond with the interior product which makes it really easy to find and identify certain colors. The product itself is embossed beautifully with Tarte's symbol.  

This is a warn soft peach shade with subtle gold shimmer. I love this color. On light medium skin tones with a yellow undertones a peachy color blush looks beautiful and this blush gives my skin a beautiful wash of color and pretty golden sheen. This blush is shimmery but it just makes the skin look glowy and healthy. 

As this picture shows I have given this blush a run for its money, I practicably used this religiously for 5 months.  This is a matte nude pink blush, it is a gorgeous color that I found to be a great blush and contour color. I purchased this blush because one of my favorite bloggers recommendation this for a blush and contour high-bred product and I can not agree more. This is a  beautiful mauve pink with brown in it so it acts as a great contour color for my skin tone and I love using this. 
Exposed is on the left and Peaceful on the right.
On me this blush lasts a very long time, I have oily skin so blushes tend to fade away through out the day but these lasted all day and still looked great. I don't think that this will really last 12 hour on the skin and I have no intention of trying that out but this is most defiantly a long lasting blush.
Overall these blushed are worth the money. These are one of my favorite blushes in my collection. They are highly pigmented, long lasting and exceptional quality. These are staple blushes in my collection and are used on the daily. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: The Balm NUDEtude Pallet

Hello makeup junkies! Today I am excited to do a review on the NUDE tude eye shadow pallet!This is a fun neutral palette with a twist. I purchased this pallet when Hautelook was having a flash sale on BALM products. This is another installment in the neutral pallet category ever since the Naked pallet from Urban Decay came out. This was on sale for $18 when regular price is close to $40. 
This one from the balm has 12 eye shadows that are all rich and pigmented. First thing I want to talk about is the fun packaging. This pallet comes in two forms a basic pallet with no pictures and this version with scantily clad women with the shadows strategically placed to cover any indecent places. I think this super fun and cute.  This is packaged In sturdy paper/ cardboard material, with magnetic closer. It has a very nice size mirror
Sassy (white frost)
Stubborn (pale shimmering nude pink)
Selfish (metallic true taupe)
Snobby (light gold)
Stand-Offish (metallic champagne)
Sultry (matte neutral brown)

This cluster of six eye shadows are great for day time looks. The mix of light and medium tone shades makes for great color combos for soft eye looks and day appropriate smokey eyes. I personalty like using the last two colors on a daily basis Sultry (matte neutral brown) and Selfish (metallic true taupe)

Sophisticated (shimmering bronze taupe)
Sexy (rich matte mahogany)
Serious (true matte black)

 Seductive (soft shimmering bronze)
Silly (rich brown with gold shimmer)
Sleek (deep matte brown)

This cluster of 6 is my favorite part of the pallet, here is all of the rich dark shadows. I can use all of these on a daily basis and create new looks all the time. Sexy is my favorite of the whole bunch. This rich maroon red is great in the crease to add darkness and hit of warmth to the eye shadow fade. Seductive and Silly are also very nice, Silly is a dark brown with gold glitter. If I pat on the color the gold glitters show up and looks gorgeous. The black and brown colors are excellent edition to the palette especially since they are matte. The black and brown are rich and pigmented, making for great shadows for liner and outer crease colors.

Overall I love this pallet  the mix of colors is unique and different, each color is unique and work great in this pallet. There is no dud eye shadow. All of the colors are pigmented and smooth. I love the packaging  its is fun and silly and makes me smile. That is what I love about the Balm products, the sassy titles for products and quirky packaging make the brand stand out.  This is a super fun pallet, it has a wide range of neutral colors and deep colors that it is universal and easy to use. This is a great buy and pallet to have in a collection. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fergie Wet and Wild Haul

Hi everyone! During a quick run to Walgreen I saw that there is a new Wet and Wild collection collaboration with Fergie! This collection has array of items, multiple eye shadow quads, lipsticks eyeliners and eye products. Only these items really caught my attention. I picked up the eye shadow primer and two nail polishes. The primer was about $5 and the nail polish is 3.49.
The nail polishes I picked up are Kaleidoscope ( clear polish with silver blue and turquoise glitter) and Glamorous ( clear polish with small and large gold glitter) Overall these two were a total miss. The glitter is so diluted in the clear polish, it only deposits five glitters on the nail and its impossible to layer because the formula of the polish takes forever to dry. Even used as a glitter topcoat it doesn't work for me at all. 
The eye primer tho, called For My Primas is amazing for five dollars I'd say it rivals UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) I used it on a night out and my eye shadows stayed put! I was amazed that this held up all night with out creasing or fading. Excellent purchase. 
Out of this haul I only liked one item, not good ether that means I have terrible luck picking out stuff or  I'm a big sucker for glitter polishes. :P
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lets make 2013 a year to remember!

PS: I ended up returning the nail polishes, they were not worth my time or money. They would have just sat at the bottom of my nail polish collection untouched.