Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OOTD: Rusty Red Jeans! Oct 26,2011

Denim Jacket: Ross
Lace top: Forever 21
Red jeans: Marshalls
Oxford Shoes: Nordstom Rack
Belt: Express
Photographer: Tammy Luong

OOTD: Baby Brothers Birthday Dinner

October 23, 2011
We went out to celebrate my little bros birthday. We had a really nice dinner at Buca De Bepos. Here is my outfit for the night.
Fall trend alert: the Hiker heel boots are super hot right now!

Cardigan, Dress, Shoes and Watch are from Target, Belt: Talbots,  Bag I purchased online from an Asian whole seller. .
haha just realized that my entire outfit is from Target

Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Elizabeth Arden: Clear the Way Mask.

This has become my holy grail product for my acne prone skin.  When I discovered this and the results I got from using this product I was so excited. This cleanser/ mask has help my skin clear up and stay clear for almost 6 months now. I still do get the occasional pimple but overall my skin has been very good to me and I can honestly say it is because of this product. I came upon this product randomly at my local Marshalls and because I heard good things about Elizabeth Arden products in general I decided to give this cleanser a shot. 
I am so happy I did. This was only 5.99 at Marshalls and it retails for almost $30 at a department store. Major deal and when I found out how good it is to my skin I hunted them down from all the Marshall in my area. I'm stocked up for a while now.
The texture of this product is of a thick grainy paste that acts like an exfoliate and cleanser. Though the title of the product states "mask", its really not. Its a very textured paste that is better for cleansing and exfoliate. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and if I let is sit on my skin for a few minutes as a "mask" it leave my skin feeling very soft and moisturized. For everyday use it may be a bit much and for skin that is already pretty sore and has large active acne I would not use this. This is more of a "keep the pimples and break outs away and to never form".  kind of product. A skin care upkeep. I like to use this about 2-3 times a week to give my skin a perk up.
This is fragrance free and dermatologist tested, so it should be suitable for people with sensitive skin. The bottle holds 3.6 oz of product for a merger price of 5 -6 dollars is a great price. And even though I stocked up on backups I am still working on my fist bottle of this stuff. You need very little to cleanse your face.
my skin April 2011
 My skin now Oct 2011
(ps: I have no foundation/bb cream on, just mattifying powder which is translusent)
 As you can see the acne has disappeared from my cheeks and forehead. very happy :)
Overall great find. A repurchase for sure. I highly recommend this for people with acne prone skin. It really helped me and maybe you too :)

Review: Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 30

Eucerin Face lotion for sensitive skin. SPF 30
Now I don't have sensitive skin but I bought this because I needed/wanted a new face lotion that had a higher spf. the one I was using previously was only 15 and I wanted one that had at least an spf of 30. I got mine at Target for about 6/7 dollars on sale. That not a bad price. Its about the same price per bottle as the Aveeno Totally Radiance moisturizer I get in bulk at Costco. One of my favorite daily moisturizers. This is a light weight face lotion that is a milky white color and a slippery texture.  This claims to to fragrance free but it has a light scent of sunscreen but it dissipates after a few minutes.  By itself I hate this product. It doesn't absorb into my skin well and I can feel it sit on my skin all day long. Especially when it by itself and I go to work out outside by the end of the workout I see white streaks of sunscreen on my face and neck.  It was really bothering me so I stopped using it. This never broke me out but I couldn't stand the feel of the product on my skin. 
However I found a way to make this product to work for me. Layering! is the key. For me this a layering type of product. By itself it is too thin to really offer any moisturizing effects and is too thin,even for day to day use. So I apply this as my last step in my morning skin care routine, for my sun protection regimen. When I layer this product it seems to absorb better and doesn't make my skin feel nasty.
Overall I like this product layered. I don't like it by itself which makes it a huge disappointment.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Haunt OOTD: RED Chucks! + FOTD

Halloween Haunt Oct 21.2011
Time to get my pants scared off!
So for Great America's Halloween Haunt I wanted to make sure I was able to book it if things got bad. I pulled out from my closet my favorite pair of red chucks and put on a really comfy outfit.
For my makeup I matched my eyeshadow with my favorite cardie. I applied it so that it would be really subtle yet still visible.
All eye shadows are from the 15 year anniversary UD palette. 
Colors: Deep End, Evidence, BlackOut

Friday, October 21, 2011

UD 15 year anniversary Palette Look1: Pink Fusion

Yay my New UD Eye Shadow Palette came in!. And for a test run I came up with this look:) 
Colors : Junkshow, Omen, MIA, BlackOut

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look: Navy Smokes! FOTD

Hi! I'm back with another look today. Its a navy blue smoky eye. I was watching one of my favorite YouTuber and she posted a new video about navy blue smokey eyes and I wanted to try it out. So I dug into my massive makeup drawer (lol jk) and pulled out products and this is what I came up with. :) I hope you guys enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UD: Clearence sale is Legit!

Hey y'all! 
I just finished a huge purchase from urbandecay site sale. Right now their site has populare items on sale for cheap. I'm talking Haultlook cheap and less. I got more 

cream shadows, 
a tinted moisturizer,
 liquid liner
and an eye shadow palette
 all for $47.33, Tax and shipping included. That is insane! I calculated my savings and if I were to pay for all of those items without the sale I would have payed over $150. Crazy! I just had to share. 
Happy Shopping

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Urban Decay Cream Shadow

 I LOVE Hautelook. They were having an urban decay sale and these were only $3 a piece compared to $18 a tube regular retail this was a deal I couldn't skip over. I couldn't resist so I I picked up four colors
  1. Mushroom: a silver grey color
  2. Midnight Rodeo: a champagne pink
  3. Rehab: a brown taupe
  4. Whipped: strawberry peach color
(swatches are in order of the bottom pic)
I love theses very pretty colors  I think these are great colors for Fall. All of the colors have a metallic finish. Whipped and Midnight have a more shimmery finish  very metallic and Mushroom and Rehab are less shimmery, more satin like.
What I realy like about these products is the convience factor. These are very easey to apply because of the doe foot applicator. They glide onto the lid and blend very easly. 
These cream shadows make awsome color bases these are nice and tacky, so it will grab the shadow. But dries very quickly and will last all day long. On me the cream shadow on its own  lasted all day long and through out work.  I have oily lids and I have to use a primer in order for my eye makeup to last, but these didn't require a primer. I was very happy when I realized that.
Overall I think these are great products. Perfect for on the go. If I didn't have time to do my makeup in the morning I could just chuck this into my bag and apply on the go. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: Neo Cosmo Sunflower Edge Gray

My first pair of circle lens! yay I finally made a trip to my eye doc and he said that I was okayed to wear cosmetic lens. I have always wanted to try  circle lens. I have always been intrigued about colored contacts, ever since I started wearing regular soft lens contacts back in 07. My favorite color change on most people is grey. I love the look of grey on people and I think it is the most flattering color on all types of people. I purchased mine off of Shoppingholics and I am very pleased. If you are interested in checking out the lens I purchases, here is a direct link.
 These lens are called the Neo Cosmo Sunflower Edge in Grey.  I got mine in -6.00 power for both eyes. The site offers power ranges from 0.00 to -10.00 in increments of -0.50. I would prefer if it came in increments of -0.25 but -6.00 works fine for me. These are priced at $22.90 on Shoppinghaulics and are 14.2 in diameter with base curve of 8.6. They are extremely comfortable and I think were a great choice for a first time purchase. They came shipped to me in a bubbled manila envelope. The shipping was reasonable and came in a timely manner. Inside was the lenses inside sealed glass jars, inside of a cute cream box that was wrapped in bubble wrap. The package also came with lots of free gifts which was very thoughtful and nice of them. The free gifts were blue hippo contact case, a packet of hair velcros  and a sample of an eye patch mask.
When I first took the lens out of the sealed jars the first thing I noticed about the lens was that they were very thin and delicate. Compared to my regular soft lens contacts the thickness was very noticeable. These lenses are very comfortable to wear, and I experience no discomfort. But It did take a while to get use to the sometimes fuzzy edges when the colored  part of the contact overlaps with my pupil. But I just have to blink and it will re-aline itself.
Here is a picture with only one contact in, scarey I know but It shows the intensity of the contact. Almost none of my natural color shows through. Its a complete color change. The only thing, is that on me, 14.2 diameter lens offers no enlargement. So to me, I don't consider these circle lens, just colored contacts. The color of the lens, on me comes off an icy blue tone grey which is very pretty but I was looking for more of a true neutral grey color.

I think that Circle Lens are a great option for people, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting different eye colors. I think that these lens are exceptional. Coming from a person who was been wearing contacts for a good portion of her life, I find these to be very good. They are comfortable to wear even for long periods of time, I have worn them for a good  8-10 hours  on with no discomfort. These are great attention getters, every one I talked to would always mention about my eyes, and some even said that they look "natural".  Natural in the sense that I could have been born with these colored eyes. Which would have been awesome!
I hope you found this review helpful and remember, please get checked and be okayed by your eye doctor, before you make any purchases. You don't want to have already bought some lens, only to find out that you cant wear them. Please keep good lens care hygiene and always change out the solution every week even you don't wear them often.
To all my circle lens addicts until next time :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: LORAC Haute Couture Palettes: Avant Garde and Sand Tropez

Hello! I am  here with a haul/review on LORAC Haute Couture Pallets: Avant Garde and Sand Tropez. I purchased these off of Hautelook. I have always wanted to try LORAC products but they were always a little pricey for me. So when I saw that Hautelook was having a sale on their products, I was like, "perfect opportunity to try it out".
On Hautelook, I purchased two eye shadow pallets for $14 each. That is an impeccable deal in my book. These are from the Haute Couture collection. One in Avant Garde and Sand Topaz
The first thing I noticed about the palettes was that the case top was soft like a pillow. This was very different from anything that I own, and it added to the whole theme of the collection. It has a lace mesh over a white pillow stuffing on top and I like the palette that comes with a dual end shading and angle brush. I actualy like the brush provided. It worked very well for a provided applicator.
This is what the back of the palette looks like:
Here is the Sands Topaz palette. It is a gorgeous brown natural palette.

This palette has two matte shades and two shimmery shades. The first color is a matte cream white, very nice for a highlight shade. The second color is a white gold champagne color with a satin finish, a very pretty lid color and great for the inner corners of the eyes. The third color is a medium warm brown that is a satin finish. The last color is a dark matte brown. 
I found this palette to be my favorite out of the two I bought. Because the palette is so versatile it makes for a great everyday palette. When I first received it, I used it everyday.

This is the Avant Garde palette. A lovely purple pallete great for colored smoky eyes.
This palette's eye shadows all have satin and shimmery textures. The first color is a shimmery white, the second is a cool tone taupe satin finish, the third a glittery gray, and the fourth is a dark plum.  My favorite color out of this palette is the cool taupe color and I love it on the lids by itself and with some mascara. The biggest disappointment was the glitter gray eye shadow. I was really hoping for the gritter to show up on my lids but it doesn't. If I pat it on it will be there but any amount of blending will make the glitter fly right off. This  palette hasn't received as much love from me as the other palette. namely because I don't often reach for dark colors in the day time. Rarely on the days I go out and most definitely not to school.
Overall, I am quite pleased with my purchase, the quality of the shadows speak for them selves they are majority smooth and pigmented. They apply on the skin very effortlessly and are lovely to look at. The packaging is really nice and it makes for a good show piece.