Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Wet and Wild eyeshadow Trio: Walking on Eggshells

Hello there my eyeshadow junkies! Today I have a review on the Wet and Wild eyeshadow Trio: Walking on Eggshells. I first heard about this specific trio from Beauty Broadcast or Emilynoel83 on YouTube. She raved about this and iv been wanting to try Wet and Wild Shadows for a while and this was the perfect trio for me to tryout. 
I got this on my trip to Ride Aid and this was only 2.99 so cheap. What I love about the Wet and Wild brand is that there products are very inexpensive but the product quality they sell is unbelievably high quality. Iv tried their eyeliners and brow kit and everything Iv tried from this line I have loved.
Walking on Egg Shells is a very beautiful trio. This is a brown and pink combo with a white eyebrow shade. All three colors are shimmery and very pigmented. These shadows are smooth and creamy. They apply to the lid so easy. These can be a little powdery but there are ways to lessen fall out onto the face. The only color I would have to worry about is the crease color.
The browbone color is a shimmery white color. This is really pretty as an inner corner highlight, lid color and if used lightly a browbone color.
Crease color is a petty bronzy brown. Its a medium brown color. I like this color very much I really like this all over my lids and that's it! This is a one color look for me and I love it.
Lid color is a light champagne pink color.  Its a light color that is really pretty. I like to uses it as a blending color over the crease color. I'm not a big fan of pink on the lids and then the crease color, for my eye shape that doesn't work for me. What works better is laying down the crease color as a lid color and then using the lid color as my blending/crease color. The pink helps to warm up the brown and add a pink tinge the eyes and make them look "romantic"
Overall I really like this trio. The colors work great together and make for an array of looks. The pigmentation of the shadows is great and Wet and Wild have really stepped up their game and are making amazing products and I am most definitely going to try more of there stuff.

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