Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

 It is getting colder and wetter! yay I love the weather after the rain. The air smells so fresh and clean. Anyhoo! I have a review on this new mascara. The Cat Eyes Volume Express Colossal mascara (waterproof). I picked this up at Ulta but is available at any drugstore. The color I have is Glam Black 243.  What drew me to this mascara is the packaging.  It's so cute. They kept the classic yellow background and changed the font color to a burnt orange. But whats really cute is the animal print pattern on the handle. I thought that was adorable.  
 The wand of this mascara is curved and they call it the "claw brush"  This mascara claims instant volume with no clumps and is formulated with collagen. The design of the wand will make the lashes full and spiked a the corners. This is contact safe which is great for me.  The type of lashes I have are long and straight. They are very stubborn and require lots of curling and waterproof mascara to hold any form of curl. 
Heres a close up of the brush as you can see it is very curved. I found this brush to be okay at curling lashes or adding much volume. The shape of the brush did make it easier to apply mascara to all of my lashes.  The mascara performed as the packaging said. It made my eye lashes look spiky and full of volume yet not very dramatic, which I like. The one thing it didn't do to my lashes is give me that "cat" eye look like the picture illustrates but I really didn't really expect it to. This gave my eye lashes a very subtle effect and held my curl all day long. Overall this mascara is a good mid range mascara, It did what it claimed to do but its not anything super special. I mainly got it for the really cute packaging. 

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Vicky Hoang said...

the packaging is so cute! once when i'm done with my other mascaras then i'll give this one a try! :)