Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Wet and Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

There is one thing that I can not live without in the make up world  is my eye brows. I have been blessed with very light eyebrow hairs. They are so faint and light that they can disappear in the background. An eye brows purpose is to frame and define the face. It helps to add personality and shape to the face. Without eyebrows the face is incomplete. 

For a while I have been looking for a new eyebrow powder and I was shopping a Ride Aid and I saw the Wet and Wild stand and they had their brow kits. I read that this was a really good brow kit so I was excited to try it. and on the plus side it was only 2.99 with a buy one get one 50% off I got it for 1.99.
I like how this is packaged. Its really small and compact. It has two powders and a wax on one side and a place for a brush and tweezers on top of a mirror. The design is nicely thought out and I think works great.

This kit comes with a small brush and a small pair of tweeters. The brush that comes with this kit is awesome. I find it to be a perfect eyebrow brush, its soft and pliable, it moves when I push down but its not thin or floppy. It applies the powder very nicely. The tweezers that come in this kit are pretty decent as well. They are small but are able to grab stray hairs. These two things make this kit perfect for travel. If you some how forget to bring tweezers and a brow brush the ones provided in the kit will do a fantastic job. 

These are the colors for the Ash Brown kit. I comes with a cool tone dark brown and a neutral medium brown along with a wax to set the brows.  The reason why I really enjoy this kit is because the main color I use is the cool tone brown. I found for my eyebrows and hair color the powder color has to be cool and on the gray side. This gives me the most natural brows. The powers it self are really pigmented one tap into the powder with the brush provide is plenty to fill in my whole brow. The pigmentation in this kit is pretty phenomenal. For the price range it is almost too good. The light brown is also acts great in the front of my brows but most of the time I just dust the front of my brows with whatever is left on the brush after I finish my tail.
 As for the wax I don's really use wax or anything rather to set my brows, seeing as I have almost none so that is just extra. It does feel like a dryer wax, its not wet or sticky so it should be okay to use as a brow setter. 

Here I used the kit and I loved how my brows came out. I think this is an amazing find and something I will most defiantly repurchase this.

Happy Holidays! Next post should be Favorite Fall boots!

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