Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review: Loreal Magic BB Cream in Medium

More reviews for the win, I told you guys I have been trying out a lot of stuff and I finally have some time to put my thoughts on paper, or in this case my blog :P lol any way on to the review. 
Today's review is on the New Loreal BB cream, Magic Skin Beautifier BB in medium. I got this at Walmart for $7 I think but I've seen this as high as $12, which is insane for a a drugstore product. But any way besides the point I have the shade Medium and the idea behind this BB cream is the color changing beads in the cream, identical to the Almay's smart shade makeup that I lived by in high school. This BB cream is the Westerns attempt to break into the Asian BB cream market. BB cream essentially stands for blemish balm and in Asia, BB cream is a skincare and makeup item in one, usually has benefits of whiting, completion perfecting and SPF.  The Western versions are nothing like the Asian counterparts. Western BB creams are essentially tinted moisturizers with BB cream slapped in the title. That being said I like this product. 
This claims to do 4 things primes, perfects, hydrate, and correct. This comes in three shades, light, medium, and dark. That is the one thing about Western BB creams that is better than Asian BB creams. They cater to a wider range of skin tones which makes it a much easier product to like when its in your skin tone range. 

The product packaging is very simple and clean. The dispensing of the product is very easy to, the bottle is a squeeze tube and it makes for easy access of the product and easy to measure out exactly how much you need. The bottle makes for hygienic application. This product comes out white from the tube and it has beads suspended in the product. As you rub it on the face the beads will burst and change to best fit your skin tone. This product has light to medium coverage. It goes on my skin very smoothly and blends very easily.
 This drys to a matte satin finish. This is very moisturizing which is great in the winter time when my shin is dryer that normal. This has a tinted moisturizer effect and because of that its not very long lasting but it does last long enough to get me though my day. Id say it lasted max 6 hours and then it started to break down. I have oily combo skin and it started fading around my forehead and cheeks. 
Overall I like this product. This is very hydrating, my skin doesn't feel dry with this on and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. This does help in reducing my redness from acne but doesn't eliminate it. It just lessen the redness  I still have to use a concealer to hide acne scars but is good a evening out pigmentation. If I had scar free skin and just redness I would love this more but I don't :(  I like that this hasn't broken me out. 

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