Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Mac Cream sheen Lipstick: Ravishing

FREEDOM! Finals are done and now its winter break!
 In celebration today's review is on one of my favorite lipsticks ever! Macs Ravishing cream sheen lipstick and the funny thing is that I didn't even pick this one out, My boyfriend did he gave it to me and said "try this one" I did and I was like its so pretty. I put it on and I really liked the color on me. I really enjoy peach and coral colors on my skin, blushes, eye shadow and lipsticks are all very pretty. 
 The packaging of all mac lipsticks are in a black case with Mac in silver print. The packaging is sleek and classic. Ravishing is a permanent color.  Mac lipsticks all have a cupcake scent to it, the scent isn't very strong and I find it very pleasant.  This is available at any Mac counter or Store. It retails for 15.99. 
 Ravishing is a light peachy orange shade. This color is bright yet wearable and add a nice understated pop of color to the face. I like wearing this color when I wear warm colored eye shadow or when I only wear eyeliner. This color is great for the fall time. Its warm yet bright and cheerful  Wearing this always perks up my mood This goes great with fall inspired outfits, browns, oranges  rich colors all look beautiful with this and is my go to lip color. 
The Cream Sheen Line of lipsticks from Mac are a lipstick and gloss in one. They leave a glossy finish on the lips and they don't need anything on top. Ravishing packs a punch in pigmentation  yet is sheer enough to make it a wearable color. On its own the creamsheen isn't drying on the lips and is decently long lasting. After about 3 hours tho it does start to get drying but its nothing unbearable. 

This is my favorite fall lipstick, it is bright and cheerful  Adds a much needed pop to gray and gloomy days. The peachy coral color adds a natural color compliment to my skin and makes me look awake and fresh. I highly recommend this color!

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