Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

 Today I have a review on a leave in conditioner. This is the really popular Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I got this at Ulta for $33. (I found this cheaper at Target and online but I was un-smart and didn't shop around before I purchased this :[ ) This tub hold 8.5 fl oz and for 33 buck that pretty steep but I musts say that even for my medium long hair I have gotten many uses out of this product and I still have half a tub. I bought this in the June of 2012 and till now December 2012 this has lasted me quite a while. I like to use this once a week.This is insanely expensive and I was almost tempted to not get it but I was desperate for a repair mask for my hair. Ever sense I attempted my at home ombre hair dye my hair has become really dry and overall looks dry and unhealthy. I wanted to get this because I heard many people say that this one is really good. I have to agree! Happily this is a miracle worker for my hair. 
After one use of this conditioner my hair came back to life. After my shower and my hair air dried it was soft, light, and felt healthy again.  This is a leave in deep conditioner so this stays in my hair for at least 10 minutes so the first thing I do is wash my hair and then apply this and let it sit while I do my shower routine and at the end it has had time to soak into my hair. This conditioner is thick and really sticks to the hair. It really acts like a mask and can penetrate the hair shaft and rinse out clean. A product like this I ONLY apply to my mid shaft and ends, I can't put this in my scalp because this is so rich and moisturizing that this will weigh down my hair and make it look flat and limp. I have fine hair and I have to have volume so this product says far away from my scalp and roots.
This has a strong  scent, the scent is hard to describe but its a very pleasant scent and it will linger in your hair all day. I personally like the smell, It makes my hair smell good all day long.
I love this product, this has saved my hair from being dry and dead to soft, smooth and shiny.

PS: what also works is a good haircut but NAH! I want my Pocahontas hair back so NOPE only trims to keep the split ends at bay:) Till next time!

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Donna Dao said...

Thanks, for the picture of the mask as I'd just purchased a jar from Amazon and wondered if it was the real thing.