Saturday, August 6, 2011

ELF Radiance Enhancer in Sunrise

 Hello hello I'm back with a review, and its on an Elf product. Today I have a Elf Radiance enhancer in the color Sunrise. I got this online at for $3, but Elf always has some sort of sale so it is easy to get this product for less.

The color I have is called Sunrise, it is a medium golden champagne pink with gold shimmer. It is a super pretty color that adds just a touch of shimmer and pink glow to the skin.  So as a highlighter this color is too dark,  so instead I now use it as a blush. It is a really pretty rose pink blush on the cheeks. It acts like a cream blush and blends effortlessly on the skin. Though this color is darkish and rosy, it not superbly pigmented so it will just be a tinge of color on the skin.
The product is packaged very similar to the Stila Lip Glazes, so its in a pen like tube with a bottom twist application. The applicator is a lip brush style with a hole in the middle allowing the product to come out pretty evenly. It does take a couple clicks to get enough product and it is very easy to twist out too much product, but its okay because the cap protect the excess product until next times use. I also like that there is a clear part of the tube that allow for the product to show so it is easy to identify which color is which.

Overall I like the product, not as a highlighter but as a blush and when ELF has another good sale i'll probably pick up some other colors :) 
Hope this review was helpful and until next time, 


TheEmmiFace said...

What an intriguing product! I wonder if Target will ever sell it in their Elf section. How long is the staying power? By the way, great blog! ~Emily

Ashley said...

Thank you :3 the lasting power isn't that great it fades away in a couple of hours :/