Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacqures

This a review on the LA Colors Art Deco Nail art Script brush polishes. As you can see I have quite a few. I love these polishes. These are a must in ones collection for any one who love to create their own nail art. I can always find these at any Dollar Tree or any "dollar" style store. So for 1, I never pay more that a dollar. These are both inexpensive and great for nail art enthusiast.
 left to right:
  • silver glitter, blue glitter, bright green. magenta, yellow, bright orange, intense pink.
Left to Right
  • black, gold glitter, red glitter, silver, baby pink, white, gold glitter
 Here you can see the shape of the brush, is it a very fine brush, perfect for detail and designs. all of the polishes are nice and liquidity so it applies very easily, HOWEVER! with continued use the formula gets very thick and unusable so staples like white and black have to be replaced regularly. So the only colors that I have back ups of are my white and blacks, I have yet to replace any of the other colors.
 Overall, a must have in any nail polish collection if you like to create your own designs.


conniewxx said...

I own a white and light blue one that I got from Forever 21, I never use them 'cos I'm usually too lazy lol. Very low maintenance with my nails

Ashley said...

i love these, a must for me, im a total nail art junkie XD

Michelle said...

That's awesome, I didn't know they sold polishes with such fine brushes! I normally use toothpicks for painting, which is a real pain. The price is great too. Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to check my local dollar stores! xoxo

Ashley said...

good luck!

magstermash said...

Wow! Just saw your review on these and I totally didn't know they sold these at Dollar Tree. Will be checking them out tomorrow!

Also, just out of curiosity, you said the formula on those gets thick after a while. Have you tried adding a few drops of nail polish thinner? How did that go for you?

Ashley said...

I haven't actualy, i never tryed nail polish thinner before lol XD