Saturday, August 27, 2011

Look: Peak a Boo Liner

Hey Hey, here is my FOTD, or rather my MOTD (makeup of the day). Today Im doing a very strong purple liner :)

I used, LAsplash eyeliner in Purple Sponge
Lips: mix of NYX Narcissus and Revlon Colorstay in Cozy Coral.


Michelle said...

I'm loving that liner! Not sure if it would work on me or not, I'll have to try it sometime. Is it hard to get precise?

Ashley said...

um it depends, if you are not familiar with liquid liners and are not confident in using them, then i can be difficult to get precise lines, but for me its not a problem :)
this particular liner is very awkward to use even for me, because its handle is very long

conniewxx said...

Wow it looks great on you, I think on my puny eyes it'd look really strange lol
Hope I'm not "spamming" your blogposts too much with my commentary

Ashley said...

No no, I enjoy reading your comments :)