Friday, August 26, 2011

Haul: Skin Care and Sample

 I am super exited I finally went and got Lancomes Bi-Facils eye makeup remover. However it is super pricey so I am going to try out the travel size first and then see if I want the full bottle. 

 I have been needing a new eye cream, as I finished up my Estee Lauder one
 I picked this up from Target on sale and I been wanting to try out new moisturizers with higher spfs

Here I got a sample of Lancomes Color Design pallet


conniewxx said...

I've been wanting to try that Eucerin SPF 30 moisturizer for a while, but I read reviews that it doesn't blend in easily or something. Let us know how it works on you?
Btw, does eye cream make that much of a difference? I use this organic one occasionally from Kiss My Face but I feel like 18 is a little too young to start using eye cream already. By the time I'm actually aged I'm scared it won't work.
I have a few Lancome products I bought as a purchase with purchase, I've yet to try most of them other than the lip gloss lol

Ashley said...

yes ill have a review on Eucerin soon
and yea I know what you mean on the eye cream, but idk iv been trying to work on my dark circles more that anything so that's the major reason I use eye creams for.