Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30

 Hello Hello, I have a review on a MAC product today and it's on their Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
This is a potted cream concealer marketed to cover any imperfections on the skin. This is retailed for 16.50 at any MAC store or counter. This concealer is medium to full coverage. Even though this concealer is medium to full, it does not feel heavy on my skin and does not cake up Unless you have dry patches of skin. This concealer drys matte and does not require powdering but for all-day use and because of  my skin type I like to lightly power.
I like to apply this product with my fingers because it warms up the product and allows for better applications of the product. it goes on easier and smoother with more coverage. I like to use this on the days when I want my acne scars on the back of my cheeks to disappear for the day. And it works. this is able to cover up the majority of the scares. It is not completely covered  but from a glance no one would know that I have acne scares. This is not a concealer if you have any dry patches of skin because it will grab on and not let go. The staying power of this concealer is really good. I've used this in super hot days and after all day it is still there. For the use under the eyes, it is okay, It covers the darkness underneath my eyes but without a primer it will settle into fine lines and will crease .

So here I have a before and after photo of my right cheek, and as you can see the "after" picture has a significant difference compared to my "before" cheek.  

Verdict: I like it, my go to acne covering concealer.


conniewxx said...

Question: What do you use to moisturize if you use a treatment for your acne? I use Cetaphil lotion in conjunction to my 2.5% benzoyl peroxide but there will still be parts of my skin that're dry, which looks cakey with any type of concealer

Ashley said...

I don't actually spot treat anymore, I no longer have any active acne, the darkness I'm concealing are the scars. My routine is cleanse then a over night face lotion by Clearasil which has 2% salicylic acid, all over and then I just layer any moisturizer on top. the only time i have dry spots is right after a spot heals and the skin is nasty. And in that case I don't use anything :/

Ashley said...

did that help? :/ I moisturize with a generic Vitamin E cream my mom uses XD

conniewxx said...

Ooh I see, thanks! I stopped using the spot treatment because the skin under my eyes were getting kind of irritated because the product was close to that area, I switched to using just jojoba oil lol

M-Dj said...

Hello nice review!!!I am relly impressed with the coverage it gives!I was wondering what color are u in MAC-foundation wise?I am NC 25,and I would like to get the the same shade of concealer but MAC has it only in NW25.Do you think NC 30 would be ok or too dark,and if so is MAC NW25 a better choice for me?I want to cover up my red acne..Thanks in advance :DD