Monday, August 22, 2011

LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

 Theses little guys became my best friend on my most recent trip. The convenience factor of this product is phenomenal. There are 32 pad in each tub, these are acetone free, cruelty free, and are fruit scented.  I have them in the scents Peach and Grape. My favorite one is the peach scented one. The scent is spot on with a real peach and I love the smell. The grape however smells like fake grape medicine and I can't stand it.  The scent will linger on your finger tips so a good smelling one is a must.
Theses are scented nail polish remover pads that are pre-soaked with an acetone free remover. When I first got this I was very skeptical because anything that is pre-soaked in a pad form generally isn't strong enough to remove nail polish on the nails. However this stuff is good. For the nude painted nails I had during the cruse only need one pad for all my fingers. So for light colored nails one pad is sufficient but for darker and richer colors I need two to really get it clean. For theses I like to  fold the pad in half and just gently press it on top of the nails to wet my nail and then gently rub it off . it doesn't take long and comes off very quickly. When I use this it has an oily texture so and it stays there until  the nails are cleaned off. If your nail polished is painted on thickly the pad will, over time have a thick paste texture and that is an indication to get a new one.

The pads are paper thin but very study perfect for travel. this is great to travel with and handy to have around. Great product!

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