Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Stila Lash Visor Mascara

If you know me, I have always been a lashes kind of girl. I am perfectly comfortable leaving my house with nothing but mascara on yet still feeling great.  This is a review on Stilas Lash Visor mascara product. This retails for about $24 at any Stila counter and wherever Stila is sold. I have long straight lashes that have a hard time holding a curl with a non-waterproof formula. This is why I need waterproof formulas to hold a curl. Almost all of my mascaras are in waterproof formula, and for the most part, all of them also give me super dramatic long curled lashes. But lately, I have grown a little tired of that look, so I was looking into softer mascaras and ending came across this one. 

 This mascara offers a lot of volume but not much length. This is a very natural looking mascara and it is definitely a day time appropriate mascara, though not one I would grab for dramatic lashes. It darkens the lashes and adds volume along with definition.
 The wand is a traditional fiber wand that is shaped like a Christmas tree. The bristles are tightly packed together in a spiral shape, which helps in getting a really good amont of volume, but at the same time, prevents the brush from gliding though the entire shaft of the lash. It stops midway and barely coats the tips.
The formula is very dry, which is perfect for me, since it allows me to build up the mascara. This is long lasting and waterproof.  I have not experienced any smudging with this product, which shows that it is every resistant to smudging. The holding power of this mascara is only a semi-straight curl. My lashes have a lift but not a high one. This is also great for the bottom lashes as it dries very fast. 
One thing Stila could improve on is the packaging. It is in a very cheap feeling plastic tube that has no weight to it, being a very light weight mascara tube. I personally like to feel like I'm holding something that has substance, which this lacks. And for $24 I think they can spend a little more and get better packaging.


conniewxx said...

I saw this mascara at Costco! The Stila kits they have always include something I don't need though, oh well. I'm not really into high end mascara, but it seems to look nice on your lashes ^^

Ashley said...

aww thanks :) yea but this one came with goodies so I splurged a little XD