Monday, August 22, 2011

Color Changing Nail Polishes from DELSOL

DELSOL is a retail brand specializing in color changing products by the sun. The concept is really unique and cool. I came across this brand on my cruse trip to Alaska in the really big cities, like Ketchikan and Juno. None of the clothing really caught my eye because it was all super touristy and ridiculously over priced but the nail polishes were really cool so I thought I give them a try.  These were $10 a piece and if you buy three you get one free.  These are available only in DELSOL stores and online. Taking advantage of their sale, I bought three and got one free.
In order of the first picture:
  1. Heartbreaker: a true ruby red slipper color, and that turns in to a deeper purple red.
  2. Alaska Gold Rush: a Lime green with gold glitter and it turns in to a light gold glitter polish
  3. Knock Out: a Nude pink, very sheer and it turns into a dark lavender color
  4. Spike: a frosty mint green which turns into a frosty white color.

On the top of the bottles is a little stickers telling what color the polish will change to in the sun light.

                                           one coat,                                                                         two coats
 Here are the nails in daylight. the nails change almost instantly depending on the strength of the sun. 
 Here, I did  a very simple nail art design incorporating all four colors. knock out as the base color, Heartbreaker as the flower, Alaska Gold Rush in the center, and Spike for the leaves.
As much as I like the concept behind this polish the color changing aspect was a little disappointing. I was hoping for a better color payoff. And for the colors to be more true to the stickers. If I had the chance I probably would get some more to see the other colors.

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