Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Lush Bath Bomb in Sakura

Hi everyone! Today's review is on my first ever bath bomb from Lush. I picked up Sakura at my local Lush store. I have always been intrigued by Lushes bath bombs and heard many good thing about their products. Bath Bombs are fun ways to make bath time fun and relaxing. Bath bombs infuse the bath water with fragrance and essential oils to help relax the user and add something special to a boring bath. 

Sakura Bath Bomb's scent smells like Sakura blossoms and hints of Jasmine  This has many floral notes and
its main scent is of flowers, however it also has a fresh herbal scent with hints of citrus as the last note. This scent is very relaxing and has a soothing effect when used. The fresh floral scent in the bathroom coupled with the warm water creates an environment of relaxation and calm. What's also nice is that this floral scent is very light and gentle, with strong floral scents I can get really bad headaches and this didn't do that to me. My boyfriend also loved this bomb, the scent is "boyfriend approved" as he called it, because its floraly but not super girly. So this is a very good bomb to share with significant others. 
In the bath the bomb fizz and bubbles for about 2 minutes before completely dissolving  The effects in the bath are simple and basic, this doesn't color the water only makes it milky kind of like unfiltered sake. Soaking in the bath water left my skin feeling soft and moisturized  I loved how my skin felt all over my body my skin felt softer and gently perfumed with Sakura and Jasmine. The scent stayed on my skin for a good while, I'd say a hour and using this before bed time puts you in the mood to sleep and unwind. 
I also found out that if you use this in a jacuzzi the effects of the bomb intensify   The color stays milker longer and bubbles with form and pop with the scent of citrus. When the water is drained from the bath I didn't find it to have a reside inside the tub and it rinsed out clean with no hassle.   
A couple of things I don't like about this product overall is that the bath bombs in general are very messy and crumble which makes it difficult to store or if I wanted to split it in half. The amount of mess that would come from that would just not be worth it. Also for a one time use item $6.45 is very pricey. Tho this is a very nice product for daily use the bath bombs are just too expensive  But once in a while and when ever I happen to pass by a Lush store again I will probably pick up another one to try.
Overall I really like Sakura as a bath bomb and bath bombs in general. Its a very fun way to make bath time interesting and relaxing. Sakuras soft floral scent relaxes and calms the body while moisturizing the skin. I find the price point to be a little steep but this is most defiantly a fun once in a while treat for your skin and bath. 


Lisa said...

I've always wanted to try bath bombs, they look so fun and I'm sure it smells amazing!

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Ashley said...

you should try it! it makes taking a bath really fun and interesting!