Thursday, January 10, 2013

21st Birthday Haul!!!!!

I'm 21! at last I'm buying my own drank! To celebrate my baby took me shopping in San Francisco and we hit all the stores! First stop Forever 21, he bought me a long safari style trench dress, a tribal tank top and a navy blue tee shirt. On top of that he got me two new necklaces, a really cute owl pendant and a MUSTACHE necklace!!!!! 
After Forever 21 we walked to the Original Tommy's Joynt on Van Ness and Geary. This is a bomb German style Hofbrau. I got the Corn beef sandwich with all the drippens and babe got the BBQ brisket dinner plate. This was one of the best places we have eaten in SF yet. Awesome decor and  atmosphere. I just cant stress enough that the food was bomb-diggity and we will most definitely be returning. Here I also got my first drink courtesy of my baby. 
After Tommy's Joynt we walked around Union Square and took picture in front of the famous heart. We walked by Zara and baby bought me a really cute scarf! Its a navy blue square scarf with flying eagle print. It is warm and cozy. Then we hit H&M and they were having a clearance sale but every thing sucked. There was nothing cute but I did manage to find some new belts.  Last stop was Sephora where my baby is just an angel. He and I have been looking for a new green eye shadow for me to use and we finaly found it. Urban Decays Loaded eyeshadow. I also decided to redeem my Sephora points and got a new mascara, Blinc a tubeulare mascara.

 Last thing to make my day any better was the gift my Baby's mom gave me. She gifted me with a  vintage necklace and ring set with a statement pendant necklace.
 I had a wonderful 21st birthday! Thanks to my baby making a awesome San Francisco day trip and spending it with the one I love. Thank you!
Hope every one has a great day and awesome birthday when ever it comes around. 

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