Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: the Balm Girls Lipstick: Mai Billsbepaid

Hello! Today I want to share my thoughts on this lipstick by the Balm. This is called Mai Billsbepaid from the  Balm girls line. This is a gorgeous nude pink color. The texture of this is smooth and creamy, with a minty taste. This is packaged in a slick sliver tube, which is boring compared to the box packaging it came in. The exterior packaging is again cute and quirky. The spin off James Bond is comical and catchy. This lipstick on me is a nice nude color, with hints of pink I love this color. I used this almost every day when I got it. This goes with every thing and is my go to day time lipstick. 
This lipsticks wears for a fair amount of time after about 5 hours though it does become uncomfortable, it does start to dry out but some gloss fixes that. Overall this is one of my favorite nude lipstick, this is a classic nude that matches everything and is so easy to use and apply. It is smooth and creamy on the lips and applies evenly. 


Karen said...

I have a Rimmel lipstick that is a very similar shade to this one! I love it as it is neutral yet enhances the lips :)

Ashley said...

oohh! which one! I might pick it up!

M&L said...

this is a really pretty color and suits your skin color really well!

Clairebare said...

Looks really moisturizing!
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Vicky Hoang said...

what a gorgeous neutral pink every day lipstick :)

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olivia said...

the colour is so pretty!
i wanna try one of them balm products someday :D

followed you xoxo