Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: Color Tatoo EyeStudio 24 hour Eyeshadows

Well hello theeerrr!
I finally gave in and picked up the new Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow and I have a review on them. These were quite a challenge to get, especially these two colors. These are by far the most popular ones out of the range because these were always sold out. Tough as Taupe, and Bad to the Bronze are the neutral colors in this range. This has a wide range of colors, bright blues, turquoise, greens and purples. This are long lasting cream eye shadows that are great by them selves or as color bases. These are about 5.30 each at Wal-mart. Incredibly affordable and a great product. This, I can say is one of the best product Maybelline had come out with in a long time.
These are very long lasting and don't crease on me for a decent amount of time. I can wear these all day about (8) hours and not have to worry about creasing. Especially if I add an eyeshadow on top I have nothing to worry about.
Tough as Taupe
A matte taupe color, more on the cool side. It is a very grey toned taupe, I almost don't want to describe it a taupe because its mostly grey on my lids and in the pot. This is sheer in application but is build able. It is easily bendable on the lids.This one I don't really like to wear it alone on my lids,  I use it as a color base for my grey smokey eyes, or I will smudge a little bit of it on the outer corners of my bottom lash line to help subtly define my bottom outer corner.
Bad to the Bronze
A warm golden brown bronze. I really love this color, it's a great brown color that has gold shimmer. I love this one. This is now my go to eyeshadow color to wear everyday. I love that I can smudge some of this on my lids and blend the edges and then be done. This one is more pigmented with one layer on the lids then taupe and is build-able. 
I think these are great products to grab, they have a wide range of great color for people who love bold colors and some for people who like there neutrals and browns. This are long lasting and make nice color bases. 


Jackie said...

i just got my hands on these and they are soo crazy good, i cant even believe they are drugstore product. great blog

Ashley said...

Thank you!