Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butter

Lip Butters! by Revlon, these have received a lot of hype and I can see why, these are lovely. I have three colors  in order of the bottom picture is
  • Cotton Candy
  • Gumdrop
  • Berry Smoothie
I bought these at my local Target for about 5-6 dollars and man these were hard to come by, when ever target restocked it was gone in a flash. But I managed to grab a few. These are a soft lip product that is overall very sheer and moisturizing. These make great as tinted lip balms because they are very moisturing and offer a light sheen of color on the lips.  The lip bullet is very soft and creamy so caution is advise when applying because it can easily break and or get smashed against the side of the lipstick case. However these are not long lasting so reapplying through out the day is necessary. I find that these are great for everyday use and make for easy and quick lip looks. 

I like the packaging, the caps match the color of the product and the tops of the caps are clear which is nice  in seeing the actual color of the product. The caps snap securely and is very sturdy.  The quilt pattern is very cute and girly.

Here are swatches of the lipsticks. in order of the previous photo.  These are again very sheer and only applies a soft wash of color.,
Gumdrop: Is a light lilac purple that on the lips is more of a very cool tone purple/pink color. Its one of those hard colors to pull off. On me its very pale and an awkward color. This is my least favorite.
Cotton Candy: is a really pretty bright soft pink that has gold shimmer. This one is a pink sheen on my lips that is really shiny and pretty. This is my favorite and is the most wearable and flattering on me.
Berry Smoothie: is the most pigmented of the three. It is warm berry color that is sheer yet gives a very nice tinge of color. I looks like I have a stain on and some gloss on top. This is shiny and I love that its a light color I can sweep on.


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