Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: Illegal Length Mascara (waterproof)

Hi friends,
 today's review is on Maybelline's new mascara, Illegal Lengths,  this is available at any drugstore for 6-8 dollars. This is Maybelline's latest addition to their collection of lengthening mascaras and all I have to say is that it is and OK mascara, Maybelline has come out with a lot better mascaras that perform just as good if not better. Illegal lengths has fibers in the mascara formula designed to adherer to the lashes and help to lengthen the lashes. On me personally I didn't see a big difference, my lashes still looked relatively the same. I have long straight lashes, so I purchases the waterproof formula to help with the holding power. This does hold a curl very well and offer great definition. My lashes look defined and darker with two coats on. The formula is on the dry side which is good, its build able and drys in a short amount of time. It can hold my curl all day and  I experienced no flaking and discomfort from fallen fibers.
What I really like is the brush, this type of brush is my favorite because  its like a spiral stair case and when I twist my wand as I comb it thorough my lashes it can really get in there and coat it nicely. I also like that its a fiber wand. I also like the structure of the wand and mascara. I like that Its a square handle. I feel like I can hold and have more control as I apply my mascara in the morning.
Here some shots of my eyes with the mascara on, I like that my lashes have lift and a nice curl. It is a very natural looking mascara and has a full and fanned out effect. This doesn't clump my lashes, it evenly coats it and makes them look full and fluffy. My lashed don't feel brittle or heavy.


L e n a said...

wow, your lashes look great with this.
unfortunately, it didn't work for me. i guess i prefer something with more obvious volumizing effect.

thanks for your review! :)

Ashley said...

No, problem :) Thank you for the complement