Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen: Instant Cuticle Remover.

As some my know I am a big nail junky and when I learned about this product from Misschievous on YouTube I went out to try it. This stuff is amazing. This is a gel liquid you apply to your cuticles and it soften them and dissolves off the dead skin and it leaves behind a perfectly manicured cuticle bed. This is completely painless and sanitary. The bottle is a squeeze bottle and the gel can be wiped way with a tissue and tossed away. Its amazing. I love this stuff. this was about $5 at the drug store and it well worth the money. Iv had this for over a year and I still have I little over half a bottle. I use this maybe once every two weeks because this strips your nail bed to the bare and I don't want to over manicure my nail beds. 
Here is the video were I learned about the product :)


conniewxx said...

Wow I totally need this, I've used cuticle creams and they always seem to wash off when I wash my hands in the morning, thanks!

Ashley said...

No prob I love this stuff c: