Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Seche Vite Top Coat

Hi, I have a review on a nail polish today. Seche Vite is a very popular nail polish top coat for two things, it is super fast drying and leaves a very shiny finish.  I love this product. I am a big nail gal and this is my go to top coat for when I do designs on my nails and I want it dry fast. This is pretty cool, It drys my nail polish in half the time. There is virtually no wait time, for simple designs or for a basic manicure. I love that this leaves a high shine finish on my nails making them look super pretty.
There are however some things I don't like about it, it has a very strong chemical smell. At first I was hesitant to use it but I did and nothing bad happened. This product also likes to peel after a certain amount of days. I'd say about after a week, week and a half the topcoat starts to separate and you can actually peel it off. Very weird, but for me it doesn't deter me from using it, because I usually change  my nail color pretty frequently. And like all polishes that are used frequently this began to thicken over time. At first it is a nice runny texture, but over time it started to thickening in texture. Still usable just a little bit difficult.
Overall very good topcoat for fast drying and high shine. Not the longest lasting but it serves its purpose  adequately.


Sabrina said...

i heard alot of raves about it..i think im going to try it one day! <3

Ashley said...

cool!, yes its definitely one to try :) good luck