Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Herbal Essences: Leave-In Protector Conditioner

 This is a review on Herbal Essences: Leave-In Protector Conditioner this is a leave in conditioner and I love this stuff, it leave my hair silky smooth and smells amazing. It has a very fruity floral scent that stays in my hair all day. If your not a big scent person you might not like this but the scent is very pleasing and not overpowering at all. Your hair isn't going to smell like you dumped a whole bottle of perfume on it, it more like you'll catch a whiff in the wind. I use this every day after I get out of the shower. I towel dry my hair for a bit and then I apply this to the ends of my hair only and then I wrap my hair in a towel to let it absorb the extra moisture and I get ready for the day.  
This is a very light weight leave in conditioner and drys with no residue. My hair acts and feels like it has nothing in it which I love because I hate the feeling of my hair with product in it. Especially if it feels heavy and greasy. I have fine, bone straight hair and almost anything can weigh it down and make it extremely flat.  Over time I noticed that my hair is a lot softer and shiner. I payed about 5-6 dollar for this bottle that is 6 Fl big and I though what a rip off but this product very little one and a half pumps with coat all of my hair.
Overall very good stuff, if you have dry damaged hair whether from styling or dye jobs check this out I like it.


L e n a said...

nice! i'll try this one next time. ;)
i like using leave-in conditioner when i take a shower at night time.

Ashley said...

Im glad :) Hope you enjoy it