Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: UD: Primer Potion in Eden and Greed

 Hello today I have a duo review on Urban Decay Primer potions: Eden and Greed. I bought these online for only $10 each. That is a great deal as these are normally $18 each, and UD was having a 20% entire purchase at  the time so it was a great deal. I have also reviewed UD Primer Potion in Sin and the Original UD primer potions.
 Eden: a Matte finish eye shadow primer. This is a creamy neutral tinted primer that is matte in finish. When I first tried it out it reminded me of my MAC paint pot in Soft Ocher. The color and finish is very similar. They both are similar colors and dry to a powder finish.  This is great for evening out the lid color and acts like a neutralizer for any colors on the lid.  For example, it can help cover any veins or discoloration on the eyelids and eye area. Its similar to the technique of using a white base to intensify any color placed on top of it. I feel this acts very similarly to that effect. I also like that the packaging of the bottles match the color and finish of the product.
 The applicator is slanted and is in the traditional genie bottle shape. Very cute, but impractical, the slanted doe foot applicator helps but you will never be able to have access to 100% of the product unless you cut the bottle open.  
 Side note: For this one and the original, for me the product would always accumulate on the wand and when I put back the wand into the bottle it would build up. Its very annoying but I haven't wasted any product yet.

 Overall: I like this version, its long lasting and does prolong my eye shadows and it does have that white base effect. This is a great choice for people who like to wear bright vibrant colors. The color of the primer is a nice neutral base that helps to brighten and prolong eye shadows.
 Greed: is a Gold tinted primer with gold shimmer and glitter mixed into the potion. This is  very similar to the original formula only its gold in color and has shimmer in it. the texture is like a gel consistency, and when blended the color disappears and all that is left is the gold shimmer and glitter.
 Like all primer potions the wand is slanted which helps in having more access to the product. For this Version I didn't have any problem with product build up on the wand which was very nice.

Overall: As a primer it works to prevent my shadows from creasing a lot longer, compared to if I were to not wear any primer but this one I'm not particularly too excited about. Its nothing more than a shimmery gold primer that is very pretty on the lids and can be worn alone. It would just be gold shimmers on the lid with no color.

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