Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 130 Shell Coquillage

Hi Everyone! Today I have a review on the New Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in the color 130 Shell Coquillage. I picked this up at my local Walmart for $7 and some change. I've seen this average about 7-8 dollars at Walmart and Target and about $7-$12 at other places like CVS, or Ride Aid. This is Revlon's newest foundation. Revlon claims for this to give the face a fresh even look, without the look of makeup, so that only you know that you have makeup on. This is a blend-able, build-able foundation that gives the appearance of "naked" skin. 
Shell Coquillage is a light medium shade that is comparable to  MAC NC 30-35 range. I found this to be a perfect match for me. Finding a match in drugstore makeup is hard, especially for me. A lot of colors that are available from the drugstores are always too pink and never yellow enough for my skin and to find one that matches is a miracle. This foundation has an spf of 20 in the formula which is a plus in my book. Many foundation on the market only have 15 spf so for this to have 20 is very attractive to me. 
I have been using this foundation for a while now and I like it. This is an okay foundation. The coverage is light to medium, one layer has medium light coverage and two layers is medium. This dries quickly and  to a satin finish. I do like how light it is on my skin. It feels very light and breathable. My skin does't feel heavy what so ever and I actually enjoyed wearing it. I wasn't really impressed with the lasting power, I noticed after about 5-6 hours it started to fade and my spots were more apparent. I have combination oily skin and this foundation just couldn't handle my oily skin. It started to break down and separate over my skin, on my t-zone area and the thing is, right now my skin is at its driest point of the year and it didn't fair very well. This over acne accentuated my dry patches and made my skin look flaky, however over the parts of my face that are smooth and clear my skin looked great, it evened out my skin tone and made it look even. This would be a great foundation for skin that doesn't have a lot of acne. 
Before with no foundation
 After, with one layer the foundation was able to even out my skin tone and take away the redness but it didn't completely cover all of my acne scars. I later went in with a concealer to further hide the acne. I personalty don't like wearing more than one layer of foundation, so I purposely didn't apply a second layer to conceal my spots.

Here I finished my whole face 
Overall this is a decent foundation. It did even out my skin tone and has sufficient coverage for day to day. The lasting power is not the greatest but some powder and primer will help in prolonging the life of the foundation.  This is light weight and forgiving so this is a good foundation for everyday use. Though it has some faults I really enjoy using this foundation and is glad that I picked it up. 

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