Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Revlon Photoready cream Blush in Pinched 100

 Hi everyone! Today I have a review on a new blush I picked up really recently. Its the Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Pinched. I bought this at Walmart for $10.00 but I have seen it range from 10-12 bucks elsewhere.  At first I was on the fence about the price. A drugstore blush to be 10+  is pretty pricey but I wanted to try it and I turns out I like it! This is packaged very simply in a pot with a black lid and the product name and color on the front. the back is transparent so the product is completely visible. The set up is nice and simple and the size is easy to store. Some might be deterred to this product because it's in a pot form and see it as unsanitary but all I have to say is to just keep the hands clean before use and the product should be okay.
This is a cream blush that glides on smooth and gives a soft tinge of color to the cheeks.  Pinched is a soft peach color with golden shimmers. The shimmer doesn't really show on the skin so the effect this blush gives is very soft and satin like. Pinched is a very sheer blush that only tints the cheeks on first application but this is a build able blush and at full potential this is gorgeous  Pinched on me makes my cheeks glow from within and give me a very healthy and awake appearance.  I love wearing this when I wear "minimal" makeup because it looks like I have nothing on, just a very healthy, just out of the cold cheek tinge. 
The texture of this blush out of the pot is very soft and creamy. The product feels very light and smooth on the skin and is very bendable  I like to take my middle and ring fingers together to get the product and tap it onto my cheeks. I find this blush to blend very easily and seamlessly in to my cheeks. And because this blush is a sheer and build able product I love the ease and forgiveness this blush has. In stead of me worrying about if ill put to much on and spend time blending, this I can apply and lightly blend and I'm done. If I want more color I can add more.  
Now the down side of this blush being so sheer is that at some times I am using a good amount of the product at one time so I can potentially see this product running out much faster than normal but for me that is okay. Overall I really like this blush, yea its sheer but its forgiving and very manageable. I like my products to be easy to work with and for those who need to work fast.
Happy Chinese New Year! 
Its the Year of the Snake!

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