Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Impressions: Crest 3D White Strips advance seal 2 hour express

Hi everyone! Today's post is a first impression on Crest 3D White Strips Advance Seal 2 Hour Express. I went shopping at Costco the other day and I saw these puppies on sale. I jumped at the chance to try these out and to see if they worked and would whiten my teeth with no sensitivity side effects. I got these at Costco for 39.99 with a 11.00 discount. This came with another box of Crest White strips 30 minute strips. 

 This box comes with 2 treatments. I shared the box with my boyfriend. They are packaged like any other strip in the white strip line.

Each treatment comes with both a top and bottom strip. The strips are coated in a thick whitening gel that adhere to clean dry teeth. I had no problem with these strips sticking to my teeth for the full two hours. My boyfriend had a little trouble with the bottom strip only because he has a major drooling problem! lol :) He had to push on the strip a few times to get it to stick. My mouth did salivate a lot with the strips in but the strips didn't fall off or become loose. I was careful how I swallowed and made sure to not push on the strips with my tongue. These strips are not uncomfortable to wear just inconvenient because I had to be aware of the strip in my mouth for the full two hours. None the less if you are at home doing house work or chilling its not terrible, just annoying. I was able to drink water with the strips in but no food at all. 

At the end of two hours I was ready to get the strips off! They adhered really well to my teeth and I had to have an actual grip on the strip to take if off, which is a good thing to know. Comparing the before and after photos I unfortunately don't see a major difference. At most I would say I went a shade lighter maybe two but that's it. After I took the strips off I went to test if I was sensitive and glad to say that my teeth were not sensitive even to ice cold water.
I think this treatment is best for when someone has already been doing the Crest White Strips for a while and need an extra whitening boost. I think  a person would get better results from a daily type of strips where the teeth are gradually whitened over time as apposed to all at once in two hours. The result isn't dramatic enough for me to justify getting this again. Tho it did work I will most likely get the daily whitening strips over this one.
My verdict is meh, not worth the hype.

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