Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: LORAC Haute Couture Palettes: Avant Garde and Sand Tropez

Hello! I am  here with a haul/review on LORAC Haute Couture Pallets: Avant Garde and Sand Tropez. I purchased these off of Hautelook. I have always wanted to try LORAC products but they were always a little pricey for me. So when I saw that Hautelook was having a sale on their products, I was like, "perfect opportunity to try it out".
On Hautelook, I purchased two eye shadow pallets for $14 each. That is an impeccable deal in my book. These are from the Haute Couture collection. One in Avant Garde and Sand Topaz
The first thing I noticed about the palettes was that the case top was soft like a pillow. This was very different from anything that I own, and it added to the whole theme of the collection. It has a lace mesh over a white pillow stuffing on top and I like the palette that comes with a dual end shading and angle brush. I actualy like the brush provided. It worked very well for a provided applicator.
This is what the back of the palette looks like:
Here is the Sands Topaz palette. It is a gorgeous brown natural palette.

This palette has two matte shades and two shimmery shades. The first color is a matte cream white, very nice for a highlight shade. The second color is a white gold champagne color with a satin finish, a very pretty lid color and great for the inner corners of the eyes. The third color is a medium warm brown that is a satin finish. The last color is a dark matte brown. 
I found this palette to be my favorite out of the two I bought. Because the palette is so versatile it makes for a great everyday palette. When I first received it, I used it everyday.

This is the Avant Garde palette. A lovely purple pallete great for colored smoky eyes.
This palette's eye shadows all have satin and shimmery textures. The first color is a shimmery white, the second is a cool tone taupe satin finish, the third a glittery gray, and the fourth is a dark plum.  My favorite color out of this palette is the cool taupe color and I love it on the lids by itself and with some mascara. The biggest disappointment was the glitter gray eye shadow. I was really hoping for the gritter to show up on my lids but it doesn't. If I pat it on it will be there but any amount of blending will make the glitter fly right off. This  palette hasn't received as much love from me as the other palette. namely because I don't often reach for dark colors in the day time. Rarely on the days I go out and most definitely not to school.
Overall, I am quite pleased with my purchase, the quality of the shadows speak for them selves they are majority smooth and pigmented. They apply on the skin very effortlessly and are lovely to look at. The packaging is really nice and it makes for a good show piece.


KaylaMarieEnglish said...

The outside of the case it too awesome! Do your make up, then take a nap? lol :)

Ashley said...

@KaylaMarieEnglish lol i do a look and then take piz and them wash it off :P