Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UD: Clearence sale is Legit!

Hey y'all! 
I just finished a huge purchase from urbandecay site sale. Right now their site has populare items on sale for cheap. I'm talking Haultlook cheap and less. I got more 

cream shadows, 
a tinted moisturizer,
 liquid liner
and an eye shadow palette
 all for $47.33, Tax and shipping included. That is insane! I calculated my savings and if I were to pay for all of those items without the sale I would have payed over $150. Crazy! I just had to share. 
Happy Shopping

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conniewxx said...

I saw this too! But I was like "ehh, I'm not going to actually use all this, plus I have too much already" it's probably great for ppl who don't much makeup though